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  1. Yamaha MODX6+ Synthesizer With 61 Keys
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  2. PRE-ORDER: Yamaha MODX8+ Synthesizer With 88 Keys
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  3. PRE-ORDER: Yamaha MODX7+ Synthesizer With 76 Keys
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After the much appreciated and success gained by the famed Yamaha Montage synthesizer comes yet another great addition to the synth world. Prepare yourself to be amazed by Yamaha's high-definition reverb and unique sound instrument, the all-new Yamaha MODX synthesizer.

The MODX is Yamaha's cost-effective and highly lightweight synthesizer with which you can travel without any hassles. It has similar part controls as found in the Montage and lets you experiment and create your unique style with various elements. The two key things that make Yamaha MODX related to its big brother Montage include similar sound engines: AWM2 and FM-X.

Yamaha MODX synthesizers result from the 125-year-old piano craftsmanship and the expertise in developing groundbreaking music production synthesizers for over forty years. MODX is an excellent choice for all the piano focussed musicians as it comes with a variety of sound options that enables you to build your distinctive creation.

MODX synthesis engine powered by dynamic sound engines makes it a viable option in today's modern contemporary musical world and helps create various complex sound designs. Combining the flexibility of individual tones played simultaneously by the AWM2 and FM-X engines, Yamaha MODX synthesizers can create powerful music compositions without a doubt.

The versatility offered by MODX synthesizers is challenging to beat as the sound modulation options are like a musician's dream come true. Available at a very competitive price in the market, Yamaha MODX synthesizers are here to stay, and the high-fidelity sound it delivers can never disappoint you. Let us check out few essential features of Yamaha MODX synthesizers in detail:

Travel Friendly

In case you are wondering that with great power comes great weight upon your shoulders, then you are in for a surprise. Yamaha MODX synthesizers are powerful, but at the same time, their unique compact design makes them lightweight and easily portable. Depending upon the MODX variant, the weight varies in the range of 6 to 13 KG, which you can move around with the help of its stylish and protective case that comes with a pair of inbuilt tires.

Dynamic Sound Engines

The essence of sound creation in Yamaha's MODX synthesizers is based on their proprietary sound synthesis engines AWM2 and FM-X, which already powers the flagship Montage series. The power of 128 and 64 note polyphony offered by the AWM2 and FM-X engines, respectively, makes them a complex sound machine that unleashes a spectacular sound that can meet every musician's dreams.

The AWM2 engine features eight fully programmed synthesizers with 18 different filters allowing you to explore more. Moreover, the engine also has high-fidelity amplitude, pitch, 3 'EQ' Band, and nine low-frequency oscillations (LFO) to give you that rhythmic phasing effect.

The FM-X is a dynamic engine responsible for producing powerful, high-definition, and cutting-edge sound like EDM or even classical 80's music. The 64-note polyphony gives an array of sound design options you can use to create impressive, sophisticated, and pure music.

Combining the polyphony of AWM2 and FM-X, Yamaha MODX synthesizers can produce a total of 192-note polyphony without any latency.

HD Sound Effects

Yamaha MODX synthesizers come loaded with DSP and VCM features that take sound enhancement to another level. It allows you to use various virtual sound effects to create dynamic and intricate sound effects without a sweat. From creating a modern EDM sound to experimenting with retro music, you can expect nothing but superior quality reverbs that take you into that performance zone.

Dynamic Motion Control

With the help of the Super Knob, you can simultaneously control a set of 128 parameters in a single performance. From mixing functions to using filters, all this and much more is possible in one go when you control the all-powerful MODX Super Knob.

You can virtually control the motion sequences via the easy-to-access dedicated touch screen front panel, enabling you to manipulate the music expression on a real-time basis.

The Envelope Follower feature converts the audio into a control source to control virtually any synthesizer parameter.

A/D Input & Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface

Coupled with two A/D inputs and ten outputs, the MODX smoothly enables a multi-channel USB audio interface with a single cable connection.

On-Time ABS

Yamaha MODX synths come with Audio Beat Sync (ABS) feature that can easily synchronize with the beats of an external audio device connected via the A/D input. The MODX is intelligent as it listens to live music and plays along with it without any delay.

Yamaha MODX synthesizers in India are available at a very lucrative range. The synth is a beast capable of delivering a high-performance sonic soundscape that you can ever imagine. Live recording and editing of music are possible because of integrated Cubase AI software. Available in 61, 76, and 88 keys models, MODX synthesizers are an ultra-modern and realistic instrument that any keyboardist can use to create a wide range of highly expressive keyboard sounds.

In India, Yamaha sells original musical instruments and accessories via its online music store. You can find different Yamaha MODX Synthesizer models on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on this incredible piece of beauty and let the magic of music begin.

Yamaha MODX-price list

Yamaha MODX Price
1 Yamaha MODX6+ Synthesizer With 61 Keys  ₹  115990
2 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha MODX7+ Synthesizer With 76 Keys  ₹  145990
3 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha MODX8+ Synthesizer With 88 Keys  ₹  172990