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  1. Yamaha YRS24 Recorder
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Yamaha Soprano Recorder

Soprano recorders are the most common of all the recorder family. They are one of the most basic musical instruments used to teach music to beginners as they are relatively easy to learn. They are lightweight and portable, making learning more fun as you can carry your instrument anywhere with you.

Yamaha soprano recorders provide the perfect musical foundation. They have a clear soft tone and are easy to play with accurate, uniform intonation for players of all levels. Yamaha soprano recorders provide a tone similar to that of the natural wood and have an impeccable pitch. They offer the perfect amount of air resistance for easy control. Due to their precise intonation, easy playability and rich expressive sound, many schools throughout the world insist on Yamaha recorders for teaching music. With Yamaha recorder flutes, you can learn and enjoy music over the full range. Yamaha soprano recorders are popular and continue to be used in performances of Baroque music. They are approved and highly recommended by music teachers.

Quality and Design

Yamaha soprano recorders are designed to provide a great start to anyone’s musical journey. From raw materials to the manufacturing process, Yamaha pays great attention to everything to ensure safe and reliable products. Yamaha’s great quality is the result of its great craftsmanship. The ABS resin in Yamaha is produced from safe, non-toxic materials that adhere to international safety standards. The new “Ecodear” plastic is derived from plants and provides great workability, durability, and strength.

Every soprano descant recorder conforms to the highest quality standards. Yamaha soprano recorders go through stringent quality tests for reliability and durability. They are designed to be ergonomic so that you can play them with great comfort and ease. The size is perfect for those who are just starting out. The multiple-piece construction makes tuning easy and cleaning even easier. If you are someone who wants to learn music then Yamaha soprano recorders are a great choice.


Great tone: Yamaha soprano recorders are known for their great tone. The supreme-quality raw material results in a mellow, centered tone similar to that of the wood recorder. It also results in high-register control, providing uniform intonation. This makes Yamaha a leading brand when it comes to soprano recorders.

Fingering Systems: Yamaha soprano recorders offers a choice of either a German fingering system or a Baroque fingering system. This allows Yamaha to accommodate various local preferences and traditions. You can easily tell them apart by comparing the tone holes. The Baroque recorders are more traditional whereas the German recorders are designed specially to be easier to learn for new players as they allow players to play simple tunes in simple keys. However, if you want to play sonatas, concertos, etc then Yamaha Baroque recorders are the perfect choice for you. Yamaha soprano descant recorders make learning fun and are widely used in music schools.

Different Windways: Yamaha soprano recorders come with two different windway shapes for better playability. The straight windway recorders are ideal for beginners and are easy to play. They allow you to blow easily, delivering a soft pure tone. Arched windway recorders offer slight resistance for better breath control. You can easily control the air which gives tonal expressiveness and projection. They provide a full, glossy tone which enhances the performance.  

Cotton Case Bags: Yamaha recorder flutes come with cotton cases that are eco-friendly. This bag protects the instrument and also makes transportation safe and easy. The case encourages beginners to carry the recorder anywhere they want and never stop learning.

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