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  1. Yamaha PA-130B AC Power Adaptor
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  2. Yamaha PA-150B Power Adaptor For Portable Keyboards
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  3. Yamaha PA-300C AC Power Adapter For Hi-End Portable Keyboards
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  4. Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos
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  5. Yamaha HPH-50 Comfortable Headphones Black
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  6. Yamaha FC4A Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  7. Yamaha HPH-100 Comfortable Headphones Black
    Price inclusive of all taxes

Yamaha is a known industry leader in manufacturing keyboards, pianos, guitars, and every other musical instrument. Owning a Yamaha musical instrument is just the foundation for any musical journey you plan to commence. Apart from possessing a musical instrument, you must get the accessories along with it for a seamless performance and a magical musical experience.

Yamaha Keyboard accessories are a must for every keyboard you use, as they will indeed enhance your music expression and enable you to perform without any hassles. Here are the cool and must-have Yamaha Keyboard accessories for every keyboard enthusiast.

Yamaha Headphones

Yamaha offers two models of headphones that are compatible with any keyboard variant. The headphones have a sturdy design but are comfortable and fit quite easily. The swivel feature allows the ears of the headphones to turn 90 degrees, thus adapting to the angles of your ears seamlessly.

Yamaha HPH-100 is a powerful headphone that gives you a vibrant and high-quality sound without any disturbance. The headbands of the headphones are adjustable and come with a single cable connection that eliminates the cluttering of wireworks around the user's neck.

Another compact yet powerful entry-level headphone is the Yamaha HPH-50 model. The headphones have a simple design but balance the bass and treble notes quite seamlessly. You can use it during live recordings or even while listening to the recorded audio.

The stereo plugs for both the headphones are gold plated and can easily connect with any musical instrument. The cable connection of two meters features an additional 6.3 mm standard stereo plug that you can connect to any digital musical instrument.

Yamaha Keyboard Stands

Yamaha L-7B keyboard stand is the best match for your keyboard. The ergonomic design of the keyboard stands gives you plenty of legroom while being seated to play. The legs of the stand are strong and can endure the weight of the keyboard comfortably. The thick foam pads support and secure the keyboard to provide maximum safety and reliability.

Yamaha Foot Pedals

Yamaha foot pedals are a necessary accessory with keyboards, digital pianos, synthesizers, and even stage pianos. The foot pedals are available in variants that can suit all your music requirements.

Yamaha FC3A foot pedal allows half-pedaling function thereby, enabling a highly expressive sound experience.

Another foot pedal that is good to use while making melody is the Yamaha FC4A model, which gives you a realistic pedal experience as found on an acoustic piano.

Yamaha Foot Switches

The Yamaha FC5 foot switch is quite popular when it comes to electronic keyboards. The FC5 acts similar to the pedal on an acoustic piano and helps to maintain that sustained tone during long music passages. The rubber sole of the FC5 footswitch makes it anti-slippery and ideal for any surface. The multi-function FC5 can also act as an FS controller for synthesizers, tone modulations, and even drum machines.

Yamaha Foot Controller

Yamaha FC7 foot controller is a robust device for digital pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers to which you can assign multiple functions like volume, voice, and tone control. You can easily elevate certain parts of your performance with the help of the 'fortissimo' function. The presence of a spring point in the controller makes it adjustable at any angle, and the metal connection plate enables multiple pedal 'ganging,' giving it the unique ability to control the volume and much more. FC7 gives you the control to transform your music style and pump up your performance.

AC Power Adaptor

Yamaha offers durable AC adaptors that are good for both entry-level as well as high-end keyboards. Batteries are good, but when they run low, they can act as a hindrance to your performance. Therefore, it is good to keep the AC power adaptors handy to always plugin whenever power is available and save the batteries for a rainy day.

Yamaha PA-130B is an entry-level AC power adaptor and an essential accessory for every keyboardist. The highly durable and energy-efficient adaptor is a better alternative to batteries.

Yamaha PA-150B power adaptors are an excellent choice for portable keyboards. It is suitable for portable keyboards like PSR-I455, PSR-I500, and PSR-E463. Put your batteries to rest and let his powerful adaptor take charge for seamlessly extended hours of performance without any disturbance.

For hi-end portable keyboards, the Yamaha PA-300C AC power adaptor is the ideal option. The shape of the plugs may be different according to your location.

Yamaha Subwoofers

If you are looking to boost the sound of your keyboard, then Yamaha also offers superior quality subwoofers that are built to give you a clear and tight bass by adding the boom to your box. Enabled with high-end bass technology, i.e., Twisted Flair Port and Advanced Yamaha Active Stereo Technology (YST) II, it gives you a stable and accurate bass response that magnifies your music performance.

Yamaha keyboard accessories in India are readily available on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on these great keyboard accessories to enhance and mesmerize yourself entirely in the musical world.

Yamaha Keyboard Accessories-price list

Yamaha Keyboard Accessories Price
1 Yamaha HPH-100 Comfortable Headphones Black  ₹  4990
2 Yamaha HPH-50 Comfortable Headphones Black  ₹  3190
3 Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos  ₹  1690
4 Yamaha FC4A Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos  ₹  3690