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  1. Yamaha FS80C Black Acoustic Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  2. Yamaha F310 Natural Acoustic Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  3. Yamaha JR2 - Natural Acoustic Guitar (Carry case included)
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  4. Yamaha FSX315C Natural Acoustic Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes

Guitars are popular, and there are millions of aspiring musicians who learn to play the guitar for leisure, as a hobby or endeavour to become professional guitarists. Yamaha acoustic guitars are designed to cater to aspiring guitar beginners. Guitar beginners require good-sounding easy-to-play guitars, and that is what Yamaha acoustic guitars offer in addition to several other attractive propositions.

Our experts have designed several Yamaha acoustic guitars for beginners. Fifty years of innovation on guitars has allowed Yamaha to understand how to create world-class pieces. At the same time, our broad customer base and feedback has allowed us to understand the specific requirements of a guitar beginner, aspiring musician, and professionals.

Beginners who want to start playing the guitar should go for Yamaha acoustic guitars because we provide a set of most needed features.

Yamaha acoustic guitar features:

  • Quality: We at Yamaha work tirelessly to deliver top-notch quality. Our acoustic guitars are crafted using the finest materials. Materials like wood, strings, knobs, and other parts are designed and fitted carefully to offer the quality our customers have come to expect from Yamaha.
  • Price: Yamaha acoustic guitars for beginners are offered at different price points. We have an extensive guitar range that is priced so that our music pieces do not burden our customers. We understand consumer requirement. Therefore, Yamaha’s acoustic guitar range has several pieces exclusive to India. The materials used in these guitars are sourced locally, thereby allowing us to provide even lesser cost.
  • Aesthetics: Yamaha guitars are built to delight. Our guitar range comprises beautiful colours ranging from tobacco brown, natural wood, black, oriental blue, red, and other shades. The shades and colour gradients provide a lovely appeal.
  • Design: Yamaha guitars are designed for comfort and playability. Our product range has different dimensioned guitars to suit individual preferences and playing comfort. Further, we have added cutaway designs to allow consumers to have an even wider choice. There are small, ready-to-go, couch, and stage-friendly models that are well-liked by beginners.
  • Playability: A carefully designed guitar solves most of the issues concerning playability. However, guitars need time to “break-in”. Guitars age well; new guitars do not sound as pleasing as their older, more-used counterparts. Yamaha acoustic guitars are subjected to vibration treatment after manufacturing. Yamaha acoustic guitars sound like aged guitars right out of the box.
  • Reliability: We have strived to create timeless pieces. Yamaha’s quality measures are so stringent that our acoustic guitars can easily last a decade.
  • Value: Musical experience is a vital aspect. Yamaha acoustic guitars made for beginners have a thunderous low-frequency, crunchy mid-range, and crisp high-frequency response. The result – sheer musical delight at cost-effective prices.

We want our consumers to know that thousands of expert musicians started with Yamaha guitars and still prefer Yamaha over other brands even after decades. Many musicians from the 70’s played on Yamaha. We have come a long way since then. Continuous innovation and enhancements have made Yamaha the leader in musical instruments.

Today’s customer wants travel-friendly guitars. We have considered this requirement carefully and crafted compact guitars for beginners. Moreover, we offer high-quality cases that offer supreme protection during travel. Yamaha acoustic guitars are designed for journeys, both literally and figuratively.

Yamaha Music India sells original equipment through its online music store. There is an extensive collection of acoustic guitars for beginners. Explore our website, and we are sure you will find the perfect guitar.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars-price list

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Price
1 Yamaha APX600 Old Violin Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  27990
2 Yamaha APX600 Oriental Blue Burst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  29990
3 Yamaha APX600 Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  27990
4 Yamaha APX600 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  27990
5 Yamaha CPX600 Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  33490
6 Yamaha CPX600 Root Beer Acoustic Guitar  ₹  33490
7 Yamaha CPX600 Old Violin Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  33490
8 Yamaha CPX600 Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  31990
9 Yamaha AC1R Vintage Natural Acoustic guitar  ₹  56990
10 Yamaha A1R Vintage Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  56990
11 Yamaha SLG-200 Silent Guitar (Carry case included)  ₹  58990
12 Yamaha FS80C Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India  ₹  8490
13 Yamaha F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India  ₹  7990
14 Yamaha LL6 Acoustic Guitar (Carry case included)  ₹  60990
15 Yamaha LS6 Acoustic Guitar (Carry case included)  ₹  60990
16 Yamaha FG-TA Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  57990
17 Yamaha FS-TA Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  57990
18 Yamaha FG800 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  20990
19 Yamaha FS80C Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  8490
20 Yamaha F280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  7990
21 Yamaha F310 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  10490
22 Yamaha F310 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  10490
23 Yamaha FSX80C Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12990
24 Yamaha FSX80C Black Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12990
25 Yamaha FX280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  11990
26 Yamaha F370 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  14990
27 Yamaha F370 Tobacco Brown Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  15490
28 Yamaha F600 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  16990
29 Yamaha F620 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  18990
30 Yamaha FSX315C Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  20990
31 Yamaha FSX315C TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  21990
32 Yamaha JR2 - Natural Acoustic Guitar (Carry case included)  ₹  13990
33 Yamaha CSF1M (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar (Carry case included)  ₹  41990
34 Yamaha CSF1M Vintage Natural Acoustic Guitar (Carry case included)  ₹  41990
35 Yamaha FGC-TA Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  62490
36 Yamaha FGC-TA Brown Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  62490
37 Yamaha FGC-TA Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  62490
38 Yamaha FSC-TA Brown Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  62490
39 Yamaha FSC-TA Ruby Red Acoustic Guitar  ₹  62490
40 Yamaha FSC-TA Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  62490
41 Yamaha FX280 Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  11990
42 Yamaha FG820 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  28990
43 Yamaha FGX800C Acoustic Guitar  ₹  30990
44 Yamaha FS800 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  20990
45 Yamaha F310P Acoustic Guitar (Includes Gigbag, Strap, Pitch Pipe, Strings, Picks, String Winder and Capo)  ₹  16990