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  1. Yamaha MX88 Synthesizer With 88 Keys
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Yamaha is a legendary name in the music industry. From basic guitars to state-of-the-art various sonic production equipment Yamaha has revolutionized sound and music as we may know it. Since 1974, Yamaha has been the master of producing low-cost yet impressive and powerful synthesizers. The only distinctive feature that makes Yamaha synthesizers better than anyone else is their unique music expressiveness.

Derived from Yamaha's powerful predecessor MOTIF synth comes yet another synthesizer that is a powerhouse of great sound, easy to use features, compact design, lightweight, and a highly durable body is the Yamaha MX synthesizer. The MX lets you create exciting and unique new sounds, giving you the freedom to express yourself without boundaries.

Today Yamaha MX Synthesizers are available in MX49, MX61, and MX88 models where the numbers indicate the keys. The power-packed MX supports more than 1000 voices, as seen in the MOTIF series. Be it the true-to-life acoustic piano sound or beats of electronic drums, all the sound you can ever think of is available at your fingertips in the MX.

Due to their ergonomic design, the Yamaha MX synths are easily portable. Thus, making it a perfect companion for your music jam sessions as well as live performances. The compact design enables it to fit even in tightly packed studios without a sweat. Yamaha MX synthesizer hosts a myriad of keyboard voices that can suit every need. From studio to musical concerts, the MX is made for every kind of musical event.

Music composers, orchestrators, and even educators are sure to be blown away by MX synth's music recreations of pipe organs, orchestral strings, brass, acoustic pianos, and even more! The highly expressive and playable acoustic, electric, and bass guitar tones, when clubbed with powerful drum kits, opens a new world of possibilities for every aspiring music producer.

If you are looking for a music workstation that can produce awe-inspiring music and high-fidelity sound but does not drill a hole in your pocket, then look no further. Yamaha MX synthesizers in India are available in the market for a very lucrative cost-effective price. Before you change your mind, here are some key features of the Yamaha MX synthesizer that makes it a class apart from its rivals and is every creative music producer's dream come true.

State-of-the-art MOTIF Sound Engine

The heart of the Yamaha MX synthesizer is the MOTIF sound engine. It is a powerful synthesizer technology proprietary of Yamaha that is responsible for producing exceptionally high-definition sound. The MOTIF sound engine comprises eight elements that you can experiment with by splitting and layering the elements to different parts of the keyboard. The elements can be easily switched amongst each other by speed to create dynamic music or even create your unique variation.

Graded Hammer Piano Touch

The highest model of the Yamaha MX synthesizer (MX88) comes with a complete set of 88 keys enabled with Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action. The GHS feature gives you a realistic acoustic piano touch reaction and similar low and high-key responses as you would expect from a standard acoustic piano. The keys of the MX synths are black coated with a matte finish that is moisture absorbent and remains tactile even after continuous long hours of music sessions.

Grand Piano Voice

Bring the lifelike experience of the grand concert piano voice right to the place from where you play the Yamaha MX synth. Inspired by the MOTIF series, the MX88 lets you play, enjoy and feel the highly detailed low, midrange, and high-end keynotes of a Full Concert Grand Piano in any style of music you play in any room conditions.

128-Note Polyphony

The 128 programmed performances in the Yamaha MX synthesizer allow you to edit and experiment with them. Along with 128 notes, it also has 16 track sequences to switch swiftly without any performance dropout. The polyphony program has plenty of notes that makes the MX the ultimate and perfect tone generator for live playback and performance sessions.

Plug and Play via FM Essential

The 'FM Essential' is a free synthesizer app for iPhone and iPad devices that provide real-time synth performances with voice editing capabilities. From the vintage 80s to the latest EDM voice can be found in the FM Essential, which you can control easily.

Seamless Digital Connectivity

Yamaha MX synthesizer is the dream hub of your studio that you would ever want! The MX synths are USB audio and MIDI class-compliant. Thus, enabling you to record and playback your music to and fro from your computer or iOS device. You can easily listen to your music creation when you record them on your digital audio workstation via speakers or headphones. The MX can also act as a dedicated control surface that allows you to interact with plug-in parameters via control knobs when connected with your virtual workstation. With the help of the 16-channel MIDI interface, the Yamaha MX synthesizer can be used as a keyboard controller and a perfect tone generator.

Studio Quality Recording via CUBASE AI and CUBASIS LE2

Steinberg's CUBASE AI provides studio-quality recording, editing, and mixing features that come in an easy-to-use software tool. CUBASIS LE2 is the compact version of its big brother Cubasis for the iPad. The touch-intuitive feature makes the task of recording, mixing, and editing sound as smooth as silk.

There is more to the Yamaha MX synthesizer than meets the eyes. It gives you a high level of natural and dynamic musical expression, which you can find only in the Yamaha MX synthesizer. Yamaha MX synthesizers in India are available in MX88, MX61 BU, and MX61 BK models at an incredibly affordable range. In India, Yamaha sells original musical instruments and accessories via its online music store. You can find the different Yamaha MX Synthesizer models on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on this marvelous piece of beauty and empower yourself to create your magical musical waves.

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