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  1. Yamaha SR-B40A Dolby Atmos Sound bar with External Subwoofer
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  2. TRUE X BAR 50A Dolby Atmos Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer
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  3. Yamaha SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar With Built-in Subwoofer
    MRP ₹20,490 Special Price ₹13,380
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  4. Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar
    MRP ₹27,490 Special Price ₹17,990
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  5. Yamaha YAS-209 Sound Bar With Subwoofer
    MRP ₹39,990 Special Price ₹29,990
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  6. Yamaha SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built in Subwoofer
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Yamaha Sound Bars

An immersive television watching experience is incomplete without Yamaha’s audio visual sound bars. Our wireless sound bars offer great sound, augmented by features, paired with convenience. We redefine the living room audio experience by offering a wide range of WiFi speakers to potentially match all customer audio requirements.

Yamaha’s range of soundbars gives audio a wow-factor that you will believe only when you hear the crisp and powerful sound that makes for a wholesome television-watching or music-listening experience. Our audio visual wireless sound bar portfolio comprises WiFi Bluetooth speakers coupled with the latest technology, great features, and, of course, Yamaha’s expertise and quality.

We have followed an immersive audio design philosophy for these wireless sound bars. Yamaha provides high-definition 3D audio capabilities in small-but-powerful WiFi speakers. These sound bars are built with meticulous speaker placement to provide audiophile-grade sound quality and a great soundstage.

Our wireless sound bar portfolio provides convenience by eliminating wires through WiFi, Bluetooth, and Alexa integration. You can now talk to your smart sound bar and tell her what you want to listen to. Moreover, select models have Amazon and Spotify integration; you can play music with these smart internet-connected speakers. All you need is to ask for music!

Watching a movie on television without a Yamaha soundbar is boring. Before we delve into a long feature list, let us explain how we redefine your audio visual experience. These wireless sound bars have individual speakers for delivering dynamic audio. Imagine yourself immersed in that bike race on television. The sound moves with the bikes – it is directional sound. Movies are even better – not only do these wireless speakers capture direction but also have dedicated in-built subwoofers delivering crisp deep bass for the drum beats, explosions, and pop songs. Yamaha has worked on angled-firing array speakers that make this level of immersion possible.

Here is a rich list of features that Yamaha provides with these audio visual wireless sound bars:

  • Bluetooth and WiFi for direct wireless connection with your high-definition television or other gadgets
  • Wireless music streaming: Connect your Yamaha soundbar to WiFi, and you can play songs directly. Spotify and Amazon music comes in-built with these WiFi and Bluetooth integrated sound bars
  • Alexa integration: Provides smart speaker capabilities to your wireless soundbar. Just ask for music
  • DTS Virtual X: Class-leading 3D surround sound technology without needing a home-theatre setup. We deliver surround-sound in your living room without an elaborate speaker arrangement. Yamaha’s soundbars have speakers firing in different directions. Sound literally bounces off the walls of your room before you hear it. No wonder you get a three-dimensional surround audio experience.
  • Intellibeam technology: Enables the audio visual soundbar to dynamically adjust speaker firing capabilities for delivering multi-channel sound with precise frequency and localisation.
  • Speaker assortment: These soundbars are equipped with dedicated speakers to handle a portion of the audio – subwoofers deliver the low-frequency punchy bass, dynamic drivers are present for the middle frequency-range, and tweeters for high-pitched sound. These speakers operate together using Yamaha’s class-leading digital signal processing technology to create an immersive experience.
  • Digital Sound Projector: Our top-of-the-range wireless sound bar is equipped with Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projector Technology that uses a 44-speaker array to deliver a soundstage that can only be imagined until it is heard.
  • Latest HDMI audio and CEC capabilities: These WiFi speaker bars are equipped with the latest HDMI version. It means you can use high-end 4K high-definition television and expect accurate sound. Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) technology allows a sound bar connected to your TV to be operated using the TV remote controller. There is no need for separate remote control.

These are feature highlights. You will find many other delightful features that will have you craving for one of our beautifully-designed WiFi Bluetooth wireless sound bars.

Our sound bars have up to five different surround modes: Music, TV programme, Movie, Sport, and Game. These speakers cater to every sound avatar. There is dedicated sound-processing technology that amplifies that audio dialogue so that you hear every word from the movies or TV channels. Similarly, the sport mode focuses on an all-encompassing experience. These sound bars are a true gamers’ delight – they capture and reproduce sound true to nature.

Yamaha audio visual soundbars are designed for consumer convenience and satisfaction. Our sound bar product range can be used as Bluetooth speakers, WiFi speakers, smart Alexa-enabled speakers, Internet radio, direct music playing speakers, app-enabled speakers, and TV-connected speakers.

In addition to class-leading wireless capabilities, we have carefully crafted these sound bars with on-board controls for those who love a classic operating experience. Furthermore, we have given due attention to consumer privacy. These voice-controlled sound bars are provided with a physical mute button that disables on-board microphones to guarantee privacy and complete peace of mind.

We have augmented our wireless sound bar portfolio with several models that offer innovative capabilities and cater to varying requirements.

For Yamaha, it is not just about technical specifications. We craft our products to look and feel beautiful. These wireless soundbars are not just audio equipment. These are powerful but compact pieces that augment your television functionally and aesthetically. The material, finish, and craftsmanship is excellent and consistent with our decades of experience creating the finest audio equipment for our consumers. These wireless soundbars never fail to amaze.

Yamaha Sound Bar-price list

Yamaha Sound Bar Price
1 Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar  ₹  17990
2 Yamaha YAS-209 Sound Bar With Subwoofer  ₹  29990
3 Yamaha SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar With Built-in Subwoofer  ₹  13380
4 Yamaha SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built in Subwoofer  ₹  21990
5 TRUE X BAR 50A Dolby Atmos Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer  ₹  74990
6 Yamaha SR-B40A Dolby Atmos Sound bar with External Subwoofer  ₹  49990