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  1. Yamaha PSR-SX600 Digital Workstation With 61 Keys
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  2. Yamaha PSR-SX900 Digital Workstation With 61 Keys
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  3. Yamaha L-7B Digital Workstation Stand
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  4. Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation
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Yamaha is committed to producing unparalleled top-of-the-line musical instruments worldwide. We have gained unique expertise dedicating ourselves to understand sound and music, and therefore have delivered best-in-class digital workstations worldwide.

With the ever-so-fast-paced technology, Yamaha digital workstations have constantly been evolving to give you keyboards with high-end performance, design, and ultra-modern features, thus setting new standards in creating music. Even an entry-level Yamaha digital workstation can produce a high-end professional sound making it a perfect companion for any aspiring musician.

With the help of Yamaha digital workstations, creative composers and musicians can create pro-level musical experiences that deliver incredibly realistic instrumental sound and tunes. You can create prominent music styles without a sweat as the digital workstation allows you to combine various music genres with the help of built-in rhythmic patterns called ‘Styles.’

Yamaha digital workstations in India are a powerhouse of song writing keyboard as it enables the user to innovate limitless music and sound experience. The keyboards are equipped with new and improved assignable functions to access certain features instantly. It comes with joystick control to easily navigate between pitch and modulation control and many more top-notch aspects.

The combination of high-quality expressive sounds and vocal harmony makes Yamaha's digital workstation a perfect choice for amateurs and professional creative music enthusiasts.

Yamaha Digital Workstation Key Features

Touch Screen

Yamaha Digital workstations available in India come with a 7-inch touch display and an advanced graphic user interface that allows automatic control over some of the powerful features of the keyboard effortlessly.

Assignable Functions

The purpose of the assignable functions in Yamaha’s digital workstation is to allow you to navigate between certain features smoothly. It consists of six-panel buttons assigned a range of parts viz food pedals, live control knobs, Home menu, etc. Once you set the functions, you can easily access them with a single touch.

Joystick Control

The joystick controller gives you expressive control over the pitch bend, and modulation in your music can be achieved easily with the help of this small yet powerful joystick controller. It equips you to intuitively control the pitch bends, rapid changing trills and gives you complete control over managing the modulation.

Powerful Speakers

The inbuilt expansive sound field speakers in Yamaha digital workstations provide a balanced sound experience to your audience irrespective of their seating position. The diaphragm of the speakers produces high-definition, crisp tones even in a larger listening area.

FSB Keyboard

At Yamaha, we give the user experience top priority, and therefore, Yamaha digital workstations now come with a new generation of keyboard range that offers modern touch dynamics. The keyboard is structured to give unparalleled playability owing to its more significant key travel and heavy initial key resistance.

Pro-Level Audio Output

The audio output from Yamaha digital workstations delivers exceptional quality sound from the keyboard. Owing to the new and advanced Digital Audio Converter (DAC), the keyboard produces high definition distinct sound across varied frequency ranges enabling your recording to sound professional.

Signal Routing

Yamaha digital workstations in India feature four sub-line-out connections allowing you to control your signal routing. With four sub output connections, you can send the voices through different lines for individual beat clarity. Users can explore the flexibility of this feature, and the result is nothing but authentic high-class music.


This exclusive feature available in the modern age Yamaha digital workstations allows you to combine various music styles, including jazz, pop, and even freestyles. With the help of this feature, it becomes easier for musicians to create their orchestra that too single-handedly. The style assembly mode allows you to explore and experiment with various instrument parts, viz bass, guitar so that you can create your accompaniment.

Authentic Sonic Instrument Voice

Yamaha digital workstations are power packed with over 1300 extensive instrument voices that make your music sound as genuine as the actual musical instrument. With the help of the powerful inbuilt speakers, even the sound of the drums seems like you are playing it on the actual drum set.

Chord Looper

As the name suggests, the chord looper feature allows you to record and loop a chord sequence giving you more flexibility to play or manipulate sounds by combining multiple assignable controllers.

A lot of hard work, expertise, and testing has gone into building the powerful Yamaha digital workstations. In India, digital workstations are tailored to meet the demands of Indian consumers at an affordable price range. Creative and innovative music creation is the idea behind Yamaha’s design for digital workstations.

In India, Yamaha sells original musical instruments and accessories via its online music store. Yamaha digital workstations can be found on our official website. Visit our online store today to create music like never before.

Yamaha Digital workstation-price list

Yamaha Digital workstation Price
1 Yamaha PSR-SX900 Digital Workstation With 61 Keys  ₹  128990
2 Yamaha PSR-SX700 Digital Workstation With 61 Keys  ₹  102990
3 Yamaha PSR-SX600 Digital Workstation With 61 Keys  ₹  67990
4 Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation  ₹  399990
5 Yamaha L-7B Digital Workstation Stand  ₹  22000