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  1. Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Black Electric Guitar
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  2. Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Neon Yellow Electric Guitar
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  3. Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Swift Blue Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)
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  4. Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Sunset Burst Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)
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Enhance Your Performance with Electric Guitar

Yamaha is known to be a global leader in the world of musical instruments. With diligence and dedication, Yamaha crafts the perfect playing experience for musicians of all levels. Among the many instruments we produce, guitars hold a special place in the hearts of music lovers. Our electric guitar range, in particular, provides the perfect complement to our acoustic offerings, allowing beginners to smoothly transition from practice to performance and ultimately, stardom.

Crafted with only the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology, Yamaha electric guitars are a favorite among expert musicians as well as beginners to start learning guitar. Our Pacifica series, for instance, has been consistently rated as the most cost-effective guitar collection for over a decade.

Equipped with top-notch tuning features and sophisticated pickups placed at strategic positions, they offer a wide range of musical possibilities with minimal effort on the part of the player. Whether it's a ceramic, humbucker, or single-coil setup, Yamaha’s best electric guitar is sure to provide the perfect sound for any musician.

Rock, Blues, & Guitar: Exploring the Electric Guitar Music

Electric guitars, like all instruments, rely on string tension to produce sound. However, what sets them apart is the electronic circuitry that picks up even the slightest vibrations and amplifies them through external speakers. In India, Yamaha offers a wide range of electric models. 

But if you wish to find the best guitar for beginners, then follow this guide and find the best one today. 

The idea of shopping for your ideal musical instrument can be difficult. So, here we have narrowed down certain factors that can make your search easier. Let’s examine them one by one. 

  • Fingerboard Material

The fingerboard material of the best electric guitar can have a significant impact on the instrument's sound, feel, and durability. Common materials used for fingerboards include maple, rosewood, and ebony. But the most special material to consider is none other than Rosewood. 

  • Rosewood:

Rosewood is a popular choice for fingerboards because of its warm, rounded tone and its softer feel. The porous nature of rosewood means that it absorbs oils and moisture from the player's fingers, which can give the fingerboard a smooth, worn-in feel. This can make it more comfortable for some players to play for extended periods of time.

Rosewood also adds richness and complexity to the tone, particularly in the mid to low-end frequencies. It can also bring out the harmonics, making it a great option for players who want to achieve a more vintage or bluesy tone.

  • Neck Material

The neck material holds significant benefits for the guitar for beginners. Neck material directly impacts the sound, feel, and overall playability. Common materials used for necks include maple, mahogany, and graphite. But if you ask, what’s the best material it’s none other than Mahogany. 

  • Mahogany:

Mahogany necks have a warmer, darker tone and offer a slightly softer feel than maple necks. They are also known for their stability and resistance to warping. Mahogany necks can help to bring out the mid-range and lower frequencies of the guitar, making them a great option for players who want to achieve a more vintage or bluesy tone.

  • Body Wood

The body wood is important in Yamaha's electric models for similar reasons as any other acoustic electric guitar brand. The type of wood used in the body of a Yamaha’s model can affect the instrument's overall tone, resonance, and weight.

Yamaha has used various types of wood in their models over the years, including alder, ash, and mahogany. In general, Yamaha guitar online is known for its balance of tonal characteristics and playability. They have a wide range of models that cater to different playing styles and preferences, so the choice of body wood will depend on the specific model and the player's individual preferences.

Now, let’s explore each body wood in brief. 


Type of Body Wood



Mahogany is a dense and heavy wood that is known for its rich, warm tone and good sustain. It is often used for the bodies of electric models and it is known for its ability to enhance the lower and mid-range frequencies, making it a great option for players who want to achieve a more vintage or bluesy tone.


Alder is a lightweight wood that is known for its clear, snappy tone, and good resonance. It is a popular choice for the bodies of electric models and it has been a popular choice for most guitar-making for decades. Alder provides a balanced tone with good sustain and clarity across the frequency spectrum.


Maple/Alder is a combination of two different types of wood, maple, and alder, which can create a unique tone. Maple provides a bright and snappy tone, while alder provides a warm and balanced tone. This combination can create a good balance of clarity and warmth, and a bright and focused tone.

Agathis or Nato

Agathis or Nato are types of wood that are similar in tone and appearance to mahogany. They are often used as an alternative to mahogany due to their lower cost and similar tonal characteristics. They are often used in budget-friendly and entry-level models, they are known for their warmth and balance and are great for players who want a vintage-style tone on a budget.


Types of Electric Guitars

Key Guitar Types



  • Inspired by Café Racer motorcycles, the Revstar RSE20 guitar offers a bold, powerful sound with its humbucking pickups and specially chambered body.
  • Featuring a unique Dry Switch filter, it provides tonal versatility by rolling off bass frequencies for brighter tones.


  • Originally developed in collaboration with Yamaha's Los Angeles custom shop, the Pacifica series was meticulously crafted to cater to the demands of top session players. 
  • Offering a wide range of pickup and hardware options, today's Pacifica models maintain their legacy of delivering exceptional tonal versatility, effortless playability, and unwavering quality, making them a top choice for musicians seeking precision and sonic excellence.


Electric Guitars for Live Performance: A Fusion of Sound and Style

Electric guitar interplays between functionality and aesthetics that helps to become even more pronounced. While the color of an electric model might not be the most critical aspect compared to its sound and playability, it can undeniably hold significant importance for certain players. The choice of color can be an integral component of the overall visual appeal, contributing to the player's connection with the instrument and the audience. 

A striking blue guitar, for instance, such as the Revster and Pacifica series (which also offers left-hand models), can enhance the stage presence and ignite enthusiasm in both the player and the audience.

For many musicians, the color of their electric guitar is a personal expression of style. Just as the electrifying red guitar may resonate with those seeking a bold statement, or a sleek black model might reflect timeless elegance. Such alignment of personal aesthetics can enhance the player's bond with the instrument, inspiring them to deliver captivating performances on stage.

Beyond aesthetics, color can wield psychological effects that translate into performance dynamics. A radiant hue, like that of a yellow guitar, can infuse a sense of positivity and inspiration, empowering the performer to push their creative boundaries and exude confidence under the spotlight. Moreover, the practicality of color comes into play – lighter finishes like white guitar may be more susceptible to visible wear, while darker finishes such as black guitar can better withstand the rigors of performance, all the while maintaining their polished allure.

Fundamentally, electric guitars tailored for live performances go beyond mere functionality, embracing a comprehensive blend of sound, style, and emotional resonance. The choice of color isn't just superficial; it's a reflection of the artist's persona, a catalyst for creativity, and an emblem of enduring quality that stands resilient under the vivifying lights of the stage.

Now that you are aware of all the important factors to consider before planning to buy a guitar online, why are you hesitating?

Explore the best models above and begin your musical journey soon.

Happy Shopping!

Buy Guitar – FAQs

1.  Why Choose Yamaha Electric Guitar?

A- Yamaha electric guitars stand out for their exceptional blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and sound quality. Renowned for their reliability, Yamaha guitars offer:

  1. Innovative Engineering: Yamaha's dedication to cutting-edge technology ensures guitars that meet modern demands in tone, playability, and versatility.
  2. Exemplary Craftsmanship: Crafted with meticulous precision and unwavering attention to detail, Yamaha guitars ensure unwavering performance and lasting durability.
  3. Diverse Range: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Yamaha offers a wide array of models catering to various styles and preferences.
  4. Resonant Sound: Yamaha's commitment to sonic excellence results in electric guitars with rich, dynamic tones that inspire creativity.

2. Is an Electric Guitar Good for Beginners?

A- Absolutely. Electric guitars are an amazing choice for beginners. They generally have lighter gauge strings, making them easier to play and less straining on fingers. Additionally, their amplified sound can be motivating and enhance the learning experience. Start your musical journey with an electric guitar that offers comfort and versatility.

3. Is It Hard Playing an Electric Guitar?

A- Like any instrument, learning to play the electric guitar takes practice and patience. However, with proper guidance, consistent practice, and a positive mindset, anyone can gradually master the instrument. Start slow, focus on fundamentals, and progress at your own pace.

4. What Type of Electric Guitar Should I Buy First?

A- For beginners, a versatile and comfortable electric guitar with a solid build is recommended. Look for models that suit your preferred music style, have good playability, and are within your budget. Starting with a well-rounded choice sets a strong foundation for your musical journey.

5. What Are the 4 Types of Electric Guitars?

A- The four main types of electric guitars are:

  1. Solid-Body: These are the most common and versatile electric guitars.
  2. Hollow-Body: They offer a warm, resonant tone and are great for jazz and blues.
  3. Semi-Hollow Body: A blend of solid and hollow designs, offering a versatile sound.
  4. Electric Acoustic: These guitars can be played unplugged or amplified, combining acoustic and electric features.

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Yamaha Electric Guitars-price list

Yamaha Electric Guitars Price
1 Yamaha PACIFICA212VQM Tobacco Brown Sunburst Electric Guitar  ₹  34490
2 Yamaha PACIFICA212VQM Caramel Brown Electric guitar  ₹  34490
3 Yamaha RGX121Z Black Electric Guitar  ₹  20490
4 Yamaha PACIFICA112J Black Electric Guitar  ₹  22490
5 Yamaha PACIFICA112J Red Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  22490
6 Yamaha RGX121Z Red Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  20490
7 Yamaha Pacifica 012 Black Electric Guitar  ₹  17490
8 Yamaha Pacifica 012 Dark Blue Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  17490
9 Yamaha Pacifica 012 Red Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  17490
10 Yamaha Pacifica 012 White Electric Guitar  ₹  17490
11 Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Neon Yellow Electric Guitar  ₹  45490
12 Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Red Copper Electric Guitar  ₹  45490
13 Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Vintage White Electric Guitar  ₹  45490
14 Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Black Electric Guitar  ₹  45490
15 Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Swift Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  45490
16 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Swift Blue Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
17 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Sunset Burst Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
18 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Black Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
19 Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Sunset Burst Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
20 Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Swift Blue Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
21 Yamaha Revstar RSE20L Black Left Hand Electric Guitar  ₹  51490
22 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Hot Merlot Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
23 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Flash Green Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
24 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Vintage White Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
25 Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Black Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
26 Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Merlot Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  76490
27 Yamaha Revstar RSP20 Moonlight Blue Electric Guitar (Hardshell Case Included)  ₹  175990
28 Yamaha Revstar RSP20 Sunset Burst Electric Guitar (Hardshell Case Included)  ₹  175990
29 Yamaha Revstar RSP02T Swift Blue Electric Guitar (Hardshell Case Included)  ₹  175990
30 Yamaha Revstar RSE20L Swift Blue Left Hand Electric Guitar  ₹  51490
31 Yamaha PACIFICA612VIIX Matte Silk Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  61990
32 Yamaha PACIFICA612VIIX Teal Green Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  61990
33 Yamaha PACIFICA612VIIX Yellow Natural Satin Electric Guitar  ₹  61990
34 Yamaha PAC112VM Gray Electric Guitar  ₹  31490
35 Yamaha PAC112VM Ice Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  31490
36 Yamaha PAC112VM Sonic Pink Electric Guitar  ₹  31490
37 Yamaha PAC112V United Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  29490
38 Yamaha PAC112V Vintage White Electric Guitar  ₹  29490
39 Yamaha PAC112VMX Yellow Natural Satin Electric Guitar  ₹  31490
40 Yamaha Pacifica Standard Plus PACS+12 Sparkle Blue Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  149990
41 Yamaha Pacifica Standard Plus PACS+12M Sparkle Blue Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  149990
42 Yamaha Pacifica Standard Plus PACS+12 Ash Pink Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  149990
43 Yamaha Pacifica Standard Plus PACS+12 Shell White Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  149990
44 Yamaha Pacifica Standard Plus PACS+12 Black Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  149990
45 Yamaha Pacifica Standard Plus PACS+12M Ash Pink Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  149990
46 Yamaha Pacifica Standard Plus PACS+12M Black Electric Guitar (Gig Bag Included)  ₹  149990
47 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha Pacifica Professional PACP12 Desert Burst Electric Guitar (Hardshell Case Included)  ₹  229990
48 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha Pacifica Professional PACP12 Black Metallic Electric Guitar (Hardshell Case Included)  ₹  229990