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  1. Yamaha PA-150B Power Adaptor For Portable Keyboards
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  2. Yamaha HPH-50 Comfortable Headphones Black
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  3. Yamaha HPH-100 Comfortable Headphones Black
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Yamaha manufactures top-class acoustic and electronic drums that can give you that adrenaline rush as you play along. The aesthetics of Yamaha's electronic drums are hard to beat, and the ultra-modern features empower you to amplify your expression as a drummer. Electronic drum kits and their accessories open a new world of possibilities for every kind of drummer.

Yamaha electronic drum accessories give your music the right edge and keep you on your toes to compete with any other drummer. Each electronic drum accessory that makes an entire drum kit plays an essential role in equipping you to make your dreams of becoming a high-powered drum maestro come true.

Let us check out the accessories that you can use with the Yamaha electronic drums and immerse yourself in the world of music.

Yamaha Headphones

Yamaha offers two entry-level models of headphones that are compatible with the electronic drums set. The headphones have a sturdy design but are comfortable and fit quite easily. The swivel feature allows the ears of the headphones to turn 90 degrees, thus adapting to the angles of your ears seamlessly.

Yamaha HPH-100 is a powerful headphone that gives you a vibrant and high-quality sound without any disturbance. The headbands of the headphones are adjustable and come with a single cable connection that eliminates the cluttering of wireworks around the user's neck.

Another compact yet powerful entry-level headphone is the Yamaha HPH-50 model. The headphones have a simple design but balance the bass and treble notes quite seamlessly. You can use it during live recordings or even while listening to the recorded audio.

The stereo plugs for both the headphones are gold plated and can easily connect with any musical instrument. The cable connection of two meters features an additional 6.3 mm standard stereo plug that you can connect to any digital musical instrument. These entry-level headphones by Yamaha are available in the market at a very cost-effective range.

Apart from these, Yamaha also offers professional studio-quality headphones that are made to deliver precise and high-resolution sound with tight bass. Yamaha HPH-MT8 and HPH-MT5 are professional headphones that are perfect for music production at a studio or even your home. The sturdy built and cushioned pads of the headphones enable you to use them for extended hours of recording and performances in any environment.

AC Power Adaptor

Yamaha PA-150B power adaptors are an excellent choice for electronic drum kits. Put your batteries to rest and let his powerful adaptor take charge for seamlessly extended hours of performance without any disturbance.

Hi-Hat Controller

Yamaha offers HH65 as an extremely quiet Hi-hat controller. You can attach this controller to your electronic drum pad and create an array of Hi-Hat performances. You can easily incorporate full-open, full-closed, and half-open movements along with foot splashing.

Compact Rack System

Yamaha RS6 rack system is compact and sturdy rack support for the electronic drum set. The build of the rack is sturdy and provides high stability.

Drum Foot Pedals

Yamaha has designed its drum foot pedals to drive reliable, durable, and uniform operation. The foot pedals are available in four different types of drives that offer four unique feels. The beater angles and the footboard angles can be adjusted easily, giving you smooth pedal action. The newer foot pedals give more area to the toe section giving a subtler foot control. The plastic of the two-way beater is wrapped around a large mass of felt thereby, delivering more incredible playability via the felt side.

Compact Kick Pad

Yamaha offers KP65 as a compact kick pad that can easily handle double foot pedals. The kick pads are extremely quiet and ideal for a home setup.

Snares, Toms and Cymbals Pads

You can find various additional snares, toms, and cymbals available from Yamaha, apart from the ones you got along with your electronic drum set. These different parts pads come in various sizes and unique features. You can always find the perfect one for your collection and attach them to deliver high-class, unique, and dynamic music.

Electronic Drum Monitor System

Take your drumming level a notch higher by connecting your electronic drums to Yamaha's MS45DR electronic drum monitoring system. The 2.1 channel stereo reproduces dynamic drum sounds and gives a realistic sound experience even in your home setup. It comes with a 20-Watt subwoofer and satellite speakers that deliver a rich and powerful drum sound experience.

Yamaha Drum Apps

Yamaha has a range of applications that you can use while playing or learning electronic drums and enhance your range of expressions. Apps such as Rec n Share, DTX402 Touch, Song Beats, etc. allow you to experiment with your drumming skills and all of them are compatible with iOS devices.

Yamaha electronic drum accessories in India are readily available on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on these great electronic drum accessories to enhance and mesmerize yourself into the world of rock and roll.

Yamaha Drum Accessories-price list

Yamaha Drum Accessories Price
1 Yamaha HPH-100 Comfortable Headphones Black  ₹  4990
2 Yamaha HPH-50 Comfortable Headphones Black  ₹  3190
3 Yamaha PA-150B Power Adaptor For Portable Keyboards  ₹  2090