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  1. Yamaha HPH-MT5 Professional Headphones
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  2. Yamaha HPH-MT8 Professional Headphones
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Yamaha has set the industry standard for sonic accuracy worldwide. Over the years, Yamaha has been responsible for helping professional audio engineers and musicians to achieve their signature sound by delivering legendary sound precision. Inspired by their NS-10M studio monitor speakers come Yamaha's professional studio headphones that help produce accurate sound reproduction, which is a strict requirement for every professional monitoring.


It takes hours, days, months, and even years of rigorous hard work to deliver groundbreaking sound. Yamaha understands the endurance required to hold up the rigors of the sonic journey and, therefore, has designed their professional headphones keeping durability and comfort as their top priorities. Yamaha's professional headphones can withstand extended hours of usage in any working environment without impacting your ears and the quality of sound it is made to deliver.


Yamaha has put in decades of experience and knowledge accrued while innovating, experimenting, and improving studio-quality sound into their professional studio headphones. The headphones are made to capture every nuance of the original sound and deliver it precisely with tight bass. Yamaha's professional headphones can reproduce high-definition sound as the experts have focused on every acoustic component of the headphones.


Let us look at some of the essential and top-class features of Yamaha's professional studio headphones that make them the ideal choice for any professional sound expert.


Superior Comfort and Isolation


The design of Yamaha Professional Headphones is sleek and sturdy that encloses your entire ears, giving you complete isolation and allows you to work without any disturbance. The whole silhouette of the headphones has been created to complete a circle that starts from the housing through the user's headband, thus ultimately uniting the headphones and the user giving you complete isolation.


The biggest reason for premium comfort provided by these headphones is due to the large ear pads that sit on your ears comfortably. The plush earpads are made of protein skin leather and have low resistance cushions that help in absorbing the unwanted vibrations. The headphones are ideal for live sound recording sessions or mix monitoring where sound can escape easily.


The arms of the headphones pivot freely three-dimensionally, allowing you to adjust the earpads according to the user's ears and adjust the slider length according to the wearer's head.

Moreover, the design of the headphone helps relieve fatigue, especially during long extended hours of recording. The earpads move effortlessly thereby, allowing you to use one earpad as and when required.


Sturdy Built


The sleek yet sturdy construction of Yamaha's professional headphones is manufactured to endure long hours in every kind of working environment. The headphones are designed for every type of use, from a professional studio recording to listening to your mix on the move; it gives you the desired flexibility to meet all your sound requirements.


The ABS material-built headphones are lightweight, and the die-cast aluminum support arms are easily foldable, making them portable. The sweat-resistant headbands enable you to work in any working environment for longer durations.


Acoustic Components


Yamaha professional headphones have inbuilt custom drivers with CCAW voice coils and neodymium magnets, giving you precise and high-fidelity sound. The voice call wires are made of aluminum coated with highly conductive copper, enhancing the headphones frequency range. The headphones provide a broad range of frequency range of 15kHZ to 28kHZ that deliver ultra-high-definition sound as required by the professionals.


The earpads to the arms of the headphones have been designed intricately to eliminate all the irrelevant resonance. The final output is nothing but pure high-fidelity sound.




The studio headphones are designed to be compatible with professional audio gears with the help of the cables provided. The headphones come with a versatile 3-meter straight cable and a 1.2-meter coiled cable coated with rust-free gold-plated stereo mini-plug and gold-plated 6.3 mm stereo adapter. The length of the wires is long enough while monitoring applications on the move.


Yamaha's studio professional headphones designers have focused on the tranquil aspect to deliver precise playback, hidden behind the complex internal acoustic construction. The entire layout of the headphones is ornamentation-free to give you a smooth and comfy fit. Yamaha's philosophy behind designing their professional headphones was to craft a high-resolution sound device and give its users a perfect partner who can assist them during their journey of authentic sound creation.


Owning Yamaha's Professional Studio Headphones is quintessential for every professional music composer or an audio engineer. In India, Yamaha sells original musical instruments and accessories via its online music store. You can find Yamaha's Professional Studio Headphones on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on this piece of beauty at an affordable range and transport yourself to the nirvana of sound.

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1 Yamaha HPH-MT5 Professional Headphones  ₹  8900
2 Yamaha HPH-MT8 Professional Headphones  ₹  16300