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  1. Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface
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  2. Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface
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  3. Steinberg UR22C R Pack Audio Interface
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  4. Steinberg UR44C Audio Interface
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Are you a digital music composer or a gamer who wants to stream your content to a live audience? Are you looking for equipment that makes recording and streaming content seem like a breeze? Steinberg Audio Interface is the solution for you. With Yamaha's expertise in proficient music and sound creation and Steinberg's state-of-the-art audio software production comes an audio interface that brings you amazing sound quality in a compact and versatile pack to record your content.

Steinberg Audio Interface makes your sound composing and recording at home or any other place remarkably convenient. The power-packed audio interface can easily convert your home or any location you choose to record your audio into a portable studio.

Steinberg’s audio interface equipment models in India are available in a compact and portable package ready to record and deliver high-resolution sound in your home or any other location. From gaming to listening to live stream content, the audio interface ensures you enjoy professional-quality sound in all its beauty.

Suppose you are new to digital music production and are looking to record, edit and mix your initial tracks on your computer. In that case, Steinberg Audio Interface is the best equipment you can rely upon. The rugged metal body ensures it is ready to take on the rough rides as well. Apart from its ergonomic design and portability, here are some rich features which you can enjoy with this audio interface:

Detailed Sound Capture

Steinberg’s audio engineers have invested enormous time and effort in researching and building sound components that can deliver rich and high-fidelity audio. The converters used in the Steinberg Audio Interface sample the audio at 192kHZ with a 32-bit resolution that delivers outstanding analog to digital conversion. The interface components incorporate 32-bit converters that capture every nuance of recorded signals that help in expressing every bit of audio.

Latency Free Monitoring

Powered by Yamaha's SSP3 DSP chip, the audio interface provides zero-latency while monitoring the audio from any device. You can easily enjoy all the benefits of DSP powered with FX technology. It gives you control over all the monitoring capabilities either from Cubase or the dspMixFx application when using Mac or PC. The versatile dspMixFX can be easily integrated with any other audio software and gives you the flexibility to control all the sound effects.

Stellar Recording Quality

All the models of Steinberg Audio Interface are loaded with top class-A D-PRE preamps that record your audios in high resolution. The preamps are responsible for immaculate, dynamic and in detail sound capture even at low frequency. The D-PRE preamps are different from other preamps because of their design and are widely acclaimed by industry professionals for their top-quality sonic delivery.

D-PRE preamps in Steinberg Audio Interface can cover a wide range of frequencies without over amplifying any specific signal or component. The preamps are beautifully tuned to capture every subtle audio and enable you to express your performance or audio source to its original beauty. The quality of recording delivered by D-PRE speaks for itself.

Loopback Function

Today we have become dependent upon online content that can meet all the demands of the user. If you are looking to develop and stream your online content live or already are a master at it, then the Steinberg Audio Interface Recording pack is the ideal deal for you.

When you use the loopback function, the incoming audio signals from various sources, viz guitar, microphone, or other line sources, can be merged easily with the signal from audio playback software like Cubase or any other DAW inside your computer. You can tweak the sound with the inbuilt effects in the interface, thus making your content more dynamic.

With the help of the loopback function, you can easily stream your content live on Facebook or any other online platform. The included studio condenser microphone ensures you deliver superb quality output that your audience will enjoy thoroughly.

Superspeed Connectivity

Steinberg Audio Interface features USB 3.1 connectivity that ensures superspeed and seamless connection with Mac, PC and iOS devices. Even with machines that support USB 2.0 standard connection, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of low latency delivered by the DSP chip.

Recording on the Move

Whether you are a podcaster or a music composer, Steinberg Audio Interface units meet the needs of all users by being extremely sleek, versatile and portable, which allows you to record your content anywhere. Connect the interface with your iOS or PC and give all your recordings the professional touch.

Pre-loaded with Effects

Steinberg Audio Interface comes bundled with various effects that upgrade your content to studio quality. The interface features DSP Mix-FX basic suite, which comprises REV-X reverb, Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, and Guitar Amp Classics, all proprietary of Yamaha technology that makes your mixing and editing a piece of cake.

Steinberg Audio Interface models in India are available at an attractive and affordable range that can make your dream of broadcasting or podcasting content online come true. Yamaha's top-notch music and technology base, along with Steinberg's competent audio software, have designed their Audio interface to deliver power-packed performance from any corner of the world.

Yamaha Audio Interface-price list

Yamaha Audio Interface Price
1 Steinberg UR22C R Pack Audio Interface  ₹  33500
2 Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface  ₹  16000
3 Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface  ₹  13000
4 Steinberg UR44C Audio Interface  ₹  36400