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Who does not love soft, relaxing music after a long and tiring day? Music has always been a simple yet powerful means that can relax our minds and soul. And nothing more provides a calming effect than the music from a piano. From the inception of the piano in 1700, it has changed the world of Western classical music forever. Yamaha takes pride in being part of this revolution by bringing its upright piano built-in 1900 post, which there was no turning back.

The creation of Piano by Yamaha was not by any accident. It took over a hundred years and the skill of expert artisans to manufacture perfect pianos that produce an exceptional quality tone and awe-inspiring aesthetics. In today's digital world, Yamaha still takes the lead to fabricate the same high-fidelity sound and spectacular beauty of classical pianos in digital pianos.

Digital pianos are famous, and Yamaha's digital P series piano has been crafted keeping in mind the latest technology. Nowhere does it compromise with the authentic sound and feel of a classical piano. The Yamaha P series digital piano can deliver high-powered performance, high-definition sound, and that natural touch of a piano as you would expect from the world's most excellent acoustic piano manufacturers.

The sleek and compact design of the P series piano produces incredible sound due to inbuilt high-quality stereo speakers. The minimalist design of the piano makes it easily portable, and the user-friendly accessibility enables you to play and experiment with it the way you want. Yamaha's digital piano series gives you the flexibility of 77 and 88 key models. The keys are designed to provide you with the unmatched natural feel of a piano anywhere you play it.

If you plan to purchase a Yamaha Digital Piano, prepare yourself to be bowled over by the beautiful playing experience one can ever imagine from a digital piano. Here are some of the key features of the masterpiece once you get a hold of it.

Authentic Piano Sound

Yamaha created the Pure CF Sound Engine by their unique sampling technology that captured the authentic sound of Yamaha CFIIIS 9 concert grand piano and reproduced it precisely in their Digital P series piano. The realistic, high-quality sound produced by the digital pianos equipped with Pure CF offers an excellent acoustic piano playing experience that is truly matchless.

Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard (GHS)

There was a lot of hard work, research, innovativeness, and improvement involved while developing Yamaha pianos during the 19th century. Therefore, it would not be fair if the flair and expertise are not replicated in today's digital pianos. Yamaha digital pianos offer ultra-modern Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key piano keyboards that are like the ones in traditional acoustic pianos.

Yamaha digital P series piano keys are enabled to provide a heavy bass touch in the low end and a light treble touch in the high end thereby, allowing you to create your music without any limitations. The keys are sensitive and, therefore, register your touch and adapt accordingly to match your style. The matte finish on the black keys strikingly resembles the keys of an acoustic piano.

Acoustic Piano Sound Field

Yamaha P series digital pianos come with a new and improvised two-way speaker system that can produce an expansive piano sound in an upward and downward direction. The upgraded speaker makes the user feel and enjoy the rich sound field as though sitting in front of a classical acoustic piano.

Rigid Sound Quality on Any Surface

Yamaha's 125 P series digital pianos come with a new function known as the 'table EQ.' The new feature helps to maintain excellent acoustics irrespective of the surface on which you play the piano.

Precise & On-Time Rhythm Patterns

Yamaha digital P series pianos also come with inbuilt rhythm patterns that can liven up your music style. It comes with Bass and Drum tracks that help to keep your timing in check. With the options to choose from various rhythm patterns, your limit to explore and experiment with them is limitless. Add an element of fun to your practice sessions with the inclusion of a virtual drummer to your routine.

Connect & Play Using Smart Pianist App

With the help of modern technology, you can enjoy playing the digital piano like never before. The 'Smart Pianist' app enables you to control your digital piano by connecting it to your smart device. You can easily change the voice, rhythm, and other settings by just selecting them from your device's screen. The app also displays chords in audio tracks to help you pick up better, and what's more? You can also save your favorite tracks for ease of access and recall them whenever you want. Now, this is what we call a genuinely digital-era musical instrument.

When it comes to digital pianos, Yamaha is undoubtedly an industry leader. From beginners to advanced pianists, everyone can enjoy and experience the amalgamation of craftsmanship and innovation delivered in perfect harmony by Yamaha's P series digital pianos. In India, Yamaha sells original musical instruments and accessories via its online music store. You can find the Yamaha P series digital piano range on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on this masterpiece at an affordable range.

Yamaha P-Series-price list

Yamaha P-Series Price
1 Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano With 88 Keys  ₹  41990
2 Yamaha P-121B Digital Piano With 73 Keys  ₹  52990
3 Yamaha P-125B Digital Piano With 88 Keys  ₹  61990
4 Yamaha P-S500 Digital Piano With 88 Keys (Adaptor Included)  ₹  146980
5 Yamaha P-145 88-Key Weighted Action Portable Digital Piano with Power Supply, great for beginners (Adaptor Included)  ₹  43990
6 Yamaha P-225 88-Key Weighted Action Portable Digital Piano with Power Supply, great for beginners (Adaptor Included)  ₹  66990