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For Gamers and Game Streamers

For serious gaming enthusiasts, game time is irreplaceable, and in terms of the actual gaming experience— the more immersive the better. The ZG series was designed for gamers, specifically for game voice chat and game streaming.

Gamer's Voice

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Why you need ZG series for Gaming?

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Teamwork Makes
The Dream Work

Better communications with your
teammates in online multiplayer games

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Stunning Sonic Realism

Improve your sound quality.
  Engage 3D Surround Sound to immerse
yourself in an ultra-realistic soundscape.



Got a Stream Deck? Just download the Yamaha ZG plug-in from Elgato to harness the full power of the ZG01/ZG02 from any Stream Deck model. Use the default plug-in settings or customize trigger actions and dial controls to your heart's desire.




Simply improve your gaming
experience by headsets



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  • Studio quality of remote communications in game voice chats
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • High-quality condenser microphone


Play games with
only Gaming PCs



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  • Simple USB Type-C connection to your PC
  • Rich sound effects to improve your game sound and streaming
  • ZG application to customize your own sound setting


Play games with console
Devices & Gaming PCs



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  • HDMI sound connection to your console games
  • USB Type-C connection to your PC
  • Rich sound effects to improve your game sound and streaming
  • ZG application to customize your own sound setting


Want high quality game
experience all at once?



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An all-in-one package that includes the ZG01 game streaming audio mixer and YH-G01 headset for an immersive gaming experience

Quick Set Up

Set Up Examples



Game Streaming with console games and capture boards



Gaming experience with PC games




  • 1. What is game streaming anyway?

    It is the act of streaming the games you play on various platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook gaming, and many others.

    Some people stream games with their faces on the screen, others purely play games, and some even stream games with their avatars on the screen.

    There are many different types of enjoyment offered to the audience. Some people are looking for great gameplay, others are moved by the reactions to the game story and the attitude towards playing, and still others empathize with the chat talk and messages that the distributor delivers while playing. Others may enjoy watching others play and experiencing the game in a simulated way.

    Whatever the content, the passion of the streamers is often the most important factor.

  • 2. How do I start streaming my game?

    As first step, we recommend that you start by thinking about which video streaming platform you want to use.

    What you need for game streaming depends on the game you want to stream, the device you will use to play and stream it, the video platform you will stream to, and what you want to do.

    In some cases, all you need is just a smartphone. In other cases, you may need a gaming PC, a streaming PC, and a variety of other audio /video equipment as well.

  • 3. Select where to Stream

    This is the list of some of the live platforms you can start with.

  • 4. What is the difference between ZG01 and ZG02?

    Size Compact Full
    USB-C for PC/MAC Yes Yes
    USB-C for PS5/4, Nintendo Switch Yes No
    USB-C for Power No Yes
    HDMI No 2-in/1-out pass-through
    Aux for Smartphone No Yes
    Mic In (XLR Combo + 3.5mm) Yes Yes
    Volume Control Mic, Chat, Game Main, Chat, Game
    Mic controls Fader, Mute, Gain Switch Fader, Mute, Gain Knob
    Voice Effects Buttons 1 + Echo 2 + Echo
    Game Effects Buttons 1 3