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  1. Yamaha L-85 Digital Piano Stand For P-45
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  2. Yamaha L125B Piano Stand For P125B
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Just as drums without sticks are incomplete, similarly, playing the piano without its complete set of accessories is quite vague. Yamaha offers a range of digital pianos that have beautiful aesthetics and produce high-quality sound. To make things easier for anyone playing a digital piano Yamaha also offers a unique range of piano accessories to ensure the performance is not impacted and you deliver outstanding results.

Yamaha piano accessories are available easily in the market and that too at a cost-effective range. The piano accessories range includes headphones, keyboard stands, pedals, AC power adaptors, footswitches, and foot controllers.

Yamaha Grand Piano models C2X, and C6X larger models also have a piano carrier as one of their accessories. The carrier enables the smooth movement of the piano and keeps vibration to a minimum.

Given below are the different types of accessories available for Yamaha Digital Pianos.

Yamaha Headphones

In today's world, headphones are a quintessential accessory that transports you to a different zone where you can enjoy top-class audio without any disturbance. Yamaha's headphones enable you to listen to pro-grade sound quality with a convenient stereo plugin option.

Yamaha HPH-50 is entry-level headphones that deliver a balanced bass and treble sound experience while listening to recorded audio or even during the live performance via a digital instrument. The earpads of the headphones fashion a 90-degree swivel mechanism that fits the angle of your ears without a hitch. The headbands are also adjustable thereby, allowing a comfortable listening experience for extended hours.

The design and build of the Yamaha HPH-100 are like HPH-50 headphones and have the added advantage of a hassle-free single cable connection. The length of the cable is two meters and can be easily connected to any musical instrument with the help of a 6.3 mm standard stereo adaptor plugin. Both the connectors are gold-plated to avoid any corrosion.

Yamaha Piano Stands

Yamaha Piano Stands are an attractive addition to the accessories as it provides excellent support and complements the Yamaha Piano series. The piano stands are available in the following models that match the digital pianos viz L-125, L-300, L-121, L-85.

Yamaha Foot Pedal Units

Yamaha's Pedal Units for pianos provide a similar experience as found on grand pianos. The three piano-style pedals help to function the three essential parts of music: soft tone, sostenuto, and sustain the notes.

Yamaha AC Power Adaptors

The robust AC adaptors are always a good option when the batteries are low or have steady AC power available. The shape of plugs may differ depending upon the location.

Yamaha Foot Switches

Yamaha FC4A foot pedal switch is a handy accessory for digital pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, and even stage pianos. The FC4A pedal resembles the feel of an acoustic pedal. The foot pedal has a rubber base that prevents slipping the pedal when used with your piano performance and allows you to perform smoothly. These footswitches can also be assigned functions that are activated by depressing the pedal. One press of the pedal is enough to open up a broad array of performances.

Yamaha Foot Controller

Yamaha FC7 foot controller is a robust device for digital pianos, keyboards and synthesizers that can be assigned multiple functions like volume and voice control. You can easily elevate certain parts of your performance with the help of the ‘fortissimo’ function. The presence of spring point in the controller makes it adjustable at any angle and the metal connection plate enables multiple pedal ‘ganging’ giving it the unique ability to control the volume and much more. FC7 gives you the control to enhance your music style and amplify your performance.

The above-mentioned Yamaha Piano accessories are readily available on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on these great piano accessories to enhance and mesmerize yourself entirely in the musical world.