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  1. Yamaha P-32D Pianica 32-Note Melodica
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Yamaha Pianicas

Pianicas are the best musical instruments for someone who loves to play songs as well as make their own music. A hybrid of piano and harmonica, pianicas are popular amongst many music enthusiasts for clear sound, full tones, and beginner-friendly qualities. They are fun to play and easy to learn.

Yamaha pianicas are well known for their rich sound and bright tone quality with solid projection. They feature anti-corrosive reeds, providing stable intonation. Along with their simple refined design, Yamaha’s expertise provides great experience in terms of playability and sound quality. Yamaha pianicas offer an extraordinary range of musical expressions. With Yamaha pianicas, you can control the breath flow and produce rich sound with a small amount of air. They are easy to learn and powerfully expressive. They also look extremely charming during stage performances. They are available in different modest colours and are perfect for everyone who loves music.

Quality and Design

Yamaha pianica instruments come with great build quality. They are highly durable and reliable. Yamaha pianicas are designed to maximize playability and convenience. They come with moderately rough casing underside surface, providing them a great texture and warm feel. This contrasts with the smoothness of the keyboard, giving the pianica instruments a sophisticated mood. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to hold and carry them anywhere you want. The timeless simplicity of the design and the supreme quality make Yamaha pianicas popular choice amongst music enthusiasts, educators and professionals.


  • Refined Playability: Yamaha pianicas are engineered to produce rich tone. They are fine-tuned by specialists, offering a great range of musical expressions. Even with a small amount of air, Yamaha pianicas produce clear and bright tone quality. The player’s breath is easily transformed into melodious and balanced sound. The application of sound absorbing materials, unique internal structure, breath flow control and many other technicalities provide excellent playability to Yamaha pianicas.
  • Smooth Action Keyboard: Every individual key in Yamaha pianicas come with their own separate suspension spring with anti-vibration guides. This gives the keyboard a very responsive and smooth feel. The smooth keyboard action makes Yamaha pianicas suitable for everything from recording to busking.
  • Anti-Corrosive Reeds: Yamaha pianicas feature reeds that provide stable intonation. The reeds are treated a special corrosion-resistant coating in order to make the pitch clear and stable for many years. The anti-corrosive reeds make Yamaha pianicas more comfortable and smoother to use. They also last long without getting broken.
  • Leak Proof: Yamaha pianicas are engineered to prevent leaks. The air chamber and the valves of Yamaha pianicas are enclosed by seamless rubber seal.
  • Extension Pipe Mouthpiece: Yamaha pianicas come with a mouthpiece shape that helps you to prevent mouth fatigue even after long sessions of playing the instrument. If the extension pipe gets damaged or worn, it can be easily replaced.
  • Hard Protective Case: Every Yamaha pianica comes with a dedicated lightweight but durable carrying plastic case for easy portability. These cases are shock-resistant, double walled, blow-molded to provide better protection to your instrument. The colour of the case matches with the colour of the pianica to give it a sophisticated You can easily adjust the length of the shoulder strap as per your comfort.
  • Beginner friendly: Yamaha pianicas are structured in a way that they are extremely easy for beginners to learn and play. They are perfect for introducing kids to music and creativity. The sturdy body makes it easier for anyone to hold and play the instrument. Features like smooth keyboard, breath flow control etc make Yamaha pianicas a perfect learning tool. They are suitable for use in classrooms and at home.

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