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  1. Yamaha PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys
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Music and Yamaha are synonymous to each other in the industry of musical instruments. Globally, Yamaha is known as among the successful pioneers of musical instruments. With the ever so evolving world the need for travel-friendly gadgets is a necessity and musical instruments are no exception to it. We at Yamaha understand the importance of portability and therefore, we craft our musical instruments that are easily portable and yet deliver exceptional quality of music wherever you go.

When it comes to the idea of portable music, Yamaha electronic keyboards are an ideal musical instrument that an amateur or a professional need to begin experiencing the magical music only our electronic keyboards can produce on the go. We at Yamaha have a range of portable musical keyboards designed specifically for beginners as well as expert musicians.

Kids are quick learners and to complement their fast learning ability Yamaha has a series of portable mini keyboards that make an excellent choice for the little ones who are beginning to explore their musical talent. These electronic portable keyboards are compact, light weight, and are designed specifically for their small fingers so that they can create magic by striking those hassle-free keys.

The Yamaha portable electronic keyboard for kids also has a predefined set of famous tunes that makes learning more exciting. Another interesting feature for these portable keyboards is the auto accompaniment function. This attractive feature exposes and enables your child to learn Indian as well as other distinct styles of music which inspires them to experiment and play more.

The full-size Yamaha portable electronic keyboard for amateurs as well as experts is ideal for learning as well as for performing. These electronic keyboards are designed to deliver exceptional sound even at home owing to the high-quality in-built amplifiers and speakers. The overall touch response experience for all our electronic keyboards are exceptional as they catch every musical expression precisely.

Yamaha has custom-designed the portable electronic keyboards exclusive to India to suit the Indian music genre. The Indian models are designed keeping in mind the Indian musical instruments. Therefore, most of the portable electronic keyboards in India include a predefined set of various Indian musical styles apart from other styles. These styles include Raga scales, Taals, and even music from popular Indian movies that makes learning and creating music fun as well as informative.

Beginners or professional keyboard players who love to travel as well as want to create or learn music on the go should consider Yamaha portable musical keyboard as their go to companion. It comprises of essential features required for playing an electronic piano keyboard.

Yamaha Portable Electronic Keyboard Important Aspects:


Yamaha designs portable electronic keyboards with sheer perfection to make learning and creating music fun, comfortable and a memorable experience. At Yamaha, we understand that one size does not fit all and therefore, we have tailored our electronic keyboards to meet the needs of a beginner from being as small as a child to a professional.


Yamaha is known to deliver high quality musical instruments worldwide. All our electronic keyboards are designed and assembled using first-class materials that make them highly durable and reliable. Yamaha ensures rigorous quality testing is done with each instrument thereby, meeting the quality standards and expectations of our consumers.


We understand that cost-effectiveness is a key aspect when it comes to investing in any top-notch quality musical instrument and therefore, our aim has always been to deliver premium musical equipment at cost-effective price range. Yamaha portable electronic keyboards price in India have been personalised to meet the demands of the Indian consumers. Yamaha has built electronic musical keyboards at an exclusive and economical price range in India for beginners as well as professionals.


Yamaha portable electronic keyboards offer a wide range of in-built music features to cater the needs of every type of keyboard player. Yamaha takes pride in the phenomenal quality of sound the electronic keyboards deliver time after time irrespective of the size. High-class and distinct sound notes can be heard from any of the portable electronic keyboards right from the time you hit the first keynote.


The secondary advantage of a Yamaha portable electronic keyboard is the ability to operate without the need of continuous electricity supply. Yamaha has designed specific musical keyboards that can run on battery power if there is shortage or unavailability of electricity. Dual means of power source i.e. battery as well as USB power is boon indeed for your uninterrupted musical road trips, jam sessions, or even outdoor camping activities.

Ceaseless hard work towards restyling and modernising the musical instruments has made Yamaha today the name trusted by expert musicians worldwide. The portable electronic keyboards by Yamaha are an epitome for what revolution means in today in the world of musical instruments manufacturers.

Yamaha Music India sells original equipment through its online music store. There is an extensive collection of portable electronic keyboards for amateurs and professionals. Explore our website, and we are sure you will find the perfect keyboard as your companion for the magical journey of music ahead of you.