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  1. Yamaha CG142S Classical & Nylon Guitar
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  2. Yamaha CG192 Electric Guitar
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  3. Yamaha CG182S Classical & Nylon Guitar
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Music is always around us wherever we may go. The very sound of country music played from a distance on a guitar often makes our feet or hands go tapping automatically. The emotion that comes from the music we hear takes us to a euphoric level that is unexplainable. Such is the power of music. At Yamaha, we use the same power, energy, and emotion to create authentic and high-quality musical instruments. From a classical guitar to a high-tech synthesizer, every musical instrument of Yamaha gives you high-fidelity sound and playing comfort filled with rich overtones. 

Yamaha’s classical nylon guitars are hand-crafted with years of experience and rigorous testing done over the decades. With the help of modern technology, Yamaha has designed various models of classical nylon acoustic guitars that can easily fit every aspiring guitarist’s music requirements. 

The design of Yamaha’s classical nylon guitars is simple and easy to handle. The modest shape and size of the nylon guitars make them lightweight and are quite a favorite among folk or classical music players. Musicians interested in classical, folk, or jazz music can benefit from Yamaha’s classical nylon guitars as the strings are more flexible and produce a mellow tone. 

The neck construction of the nylon guitars is wider making it easy to hold thereby, allowing more space between the strings, which helps in avoiding the striking of adjoining strings while playing complicated chords. 

The quality of music delivered by a c40 Yamaha classical nylon guitar produces subtle differences in touch while still maintaining the required tonal balance. A guitarist can use the tension in the strings to create sound with soft and sharp notes that may resemble that of a harp or even a cello. 

The possibility to create melodic music using a Yamaha classical nylon guitar is limitless. The different elements that make the classical nylon guitar a popular choice among guitarists are as follows:

Strong & Wide Neck

Yamaha classical nylon guitar necks are made of 3-ply laminate that helps resist unwanted warps and twists, thereby offering better stability. The 3-ply laminate enables lower string height and gives an improved neck strength that helps maintain the neck's shape. 

The more comprehensive neck design allows easier spacing of the strings and helps to strike the exact strings. With the help of the unique neck design and the lower string height, it becomes easier to play a classical nylon guitar as a lead guitarist.

The guitar's back provides a solid grip and allows the left hand to move smoothly due to its classic matte finish. 

Thin Bridge Plate

The new bracing pattern designed by Yamaha for their classical nylon guitar range helps in achieving a rich harmonic motion. The guitars have an inbuilt thin bridge plate that enables smooth transferring of vibration from the strings to the guitar top. The guitar's bridge also has a thin layer of a matte finish to improve the overall resonance. 

Top Material

Yamaha ensures that the quality of material used for building the classical nylon guitar is top-class. Therefore, it offers the users option of spruce or a cedar top material to meet the overall tone and texture requirements.

The spruce top material gives a clear and massive tone which keeps improving as the wood matures and provides flexibility in variation as per the touch. 

The cedar top material of nylon guitars offers a bright, warm, and mature tone with slight variation. These guitars provide an excellent touch response and provide a thick treble.

Nylon Strings

The nylon strings of Yamaha’s classical nylon guitars are softer on the fingers, making it easier for beginners to start playing the guitar without worrying about any callouses developed during the learning phase. 

Another advantage of these nylon strings is that it does not require any pick for playing the strings. Thus, making it the go to option for amateur guitarists who can easily use their fingers to pick with no harm done. 

Saddle Fit 

Along with Yamaha’s years of experience in handmade fine musical instruments like guitars, continuous innovation and improvements have refined our saddle fit design. Experts at Yamaha have put in enormous hard work to craft specific saddle slot design that can deliver accurate intonation, sustain attacks while reducing overall string loss vibration and relay top-notch overtones to the body.

You can achieve the dream of producing a soul-touching melody with Yamaha’s classical nylon guitar range. The guitar is made with an impeccable finish to deliver high-quality sound without compromising the principles of playing the guitar. In India, Yamaha sells original musical instruments and accessories via its online music store. You can find the Yamaha classical nylon guitar range on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on this piece of beauty at an affordable range.