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  1. Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Swift Blue Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  2. Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Vintage White Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  3. Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Red Copper Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  4. Yamaha Revstar RSE20 Neon Yellow Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  5. Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Sunset Burst Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  6. Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Swift Blue Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  7. Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Sunset Burst Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  8. Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Black Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  9. Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Swift Blue Electric Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  10. Yamaha FGC-TA Brown Sunburst Acoustic Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  11. Yamaha GA15II Guitar Amplifer
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  12. Yamaha F310 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes

The Guitar is, perhaps, the most popular musical instrument on the planet. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that it is believed that an instrument similar to the guitar was used by the Egyptians about one thousand years ago. Yamaha is the world leader in the field of musical instruments and has over fifty years of guitar crafting expertise. Yamaha guitars are designed and produced with extreme attention to detail in order to ensure that guitar beginners, amateur musicians, and professionals can express their musical selves with ease.

Yamaha Music India has an exquisite range of guitars targeting different segments – beginners, budding musicians, and professionals. Moreover, we have an extensive range comprising both acoustic and electric guitar to suit individual requirements. Yamaha guitars for beginners are designed to provide comfort, cost-effectiveness, and attractive designs while maintaining Yamaha’s international quality standards.

Guitar beginners can explore our vast collection that comes in different sizes, material, price range, colors, and unique features.

Yamaha acoustic guitars

  • Craftsmanship: We offer our Indian consumers high-quality Yamaha guitars with nato, mahogany, alder, maple, Agathis, and other wooden body options. Moreover, we have a whole nylon guitar range too.
  • Quality: Wood is sourced domestically for budget-friendly models to cater to aspiring Yamaha guitar owners and guitar beginners.
  • Variety: Our guitars are available in an assortment of beautiful colours – tobacco brown, natural brown, black, yellowish brown, oriental blue, and others. These attractive colours can be availed as gloss or matt finished products. We recommend you explore our entire guitar range to find the perfect match.
  • Price points: We offer budget-friendly Yamaha guitars for beginners. These cost-effective guitars are ideal for those who want to start their musical journey on a budget without compromising quality. These guitars are typically made in India at Yamaha India music factory and are India-exclusive models.
  • Cutting-edge design: Budget-no-bar music aficionados can explore our high-end LS range. These are a perfect blend of classic and contemporary design, stage-ready design, and zero impact pickup design.
  • Functional aspects: Guitar designing requires ideal combinations of wood for the side, back, neck, fingerboard, bridge, nut, and other components. Yamaha guitars for beginners are explicitly designed to cater to the comfort of aspiring musicians. String spacing, bridge-pin material, and accessories like hard guitar case are provided appropriately.
  • Timeless blend: Yamaha guitars are offered in classic, hybrid, and contemporary variants. We have full and cutaway design guitars for our customers.

Yamaha electric guitars

We are aware of beginners who want to transition from solo to crowd performance. In order to cater to this transition, we provide a vibrant collection of electric guitars. These electric guitars from Yamaha follow the same quality, variety, pricing, and design fundamentals. Nevertheless, the electric guitar opens a whole new world of opportunities.

  • Affordable premium performance: Yamaha electric guitars for beginners start at attractive price points, but their design philosophy resembles its premium RGX series counterparts. Double locking tremolos, 24-fret models, ceramic and alloy magnets, pickup selectors, and other aspects are offered in plenty to provide the required variety.
  • One decade of value-leadership: Yamaha is well-known for producing the finest electric guitars for beginners. Pacifica enjoys the reputation of the best-value guitar for over ten years. We understand our customers and serve them sincerely.
  • Flagship: Being the world leader requires the ability to deliver flagships. Yamaha’s top-shelf electric guitar has individually matched YGD pickups. We have also provided Yamaha’s proprietary dry switch that is used for enhancing frequency-response to enjoy crisp music. The high-end models comprise SYSTEM65 electronics with SRT Piezo Pickup for optimal performance. Yamaha’s high-end guitars have audiophile-level control circuitry and gold-plated connections.

The reverberations of guitar strings produce a sound so pleasurable that the world has come to love it. These are millions of aspiring musicians whose first instrument choice is the guitar. Yamaha guitars for beginners are designed to provide top-notch quality and performance at suitable price points. We have a progressive guitar portfolio that can help a budding musician climb the ladder to acoustic expertise. Our acoustic and electric guitar models are second to none.

Yamaha Music India sells its audio equipment through its online music store in India. We urge our customers to explore our range of beginner and high-end guitars at this web store. When you order from our website, you can remain assured that you get a guitar developed by a class leader.

Yamaha Guitars-price list

Yamaha Guitars Price
1 Yamaha APX600 Old Violin Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  26490
2 Yamaha APX600 Oriental Blue Burst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  27990
3 Yamaha APX600 Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  27990
4 Yamaha APX600 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  27990
5 Yamaha CPX600 Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  31990
6 Yamaha CPX600 Root Beer Acoustic Guitar  ₹  31990
7 Yamaha CPX600 Old Violin Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  31990
8 Yamaha CPX600 Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  31990
9 Yamaha AC1R Vintage Natural Acoustic guitar  ₹  50490
10 Yamaha A1R Vintage Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  54990
11 Yamaha TRBX505 Translucent Brown Electric Guitar  ₹  49490
12 Yamaha TRBX505 Translucent Black Electric Guitar  ₹  49490
13 Yamaha TRBX305 Mist Green Electric Guitar  ₹  34990
14 Yamaha TRBX305 Black Electric Guitar  ₹  34990
15 Yamaha TRBX304 Candy Apple Red Electric Guitar  ₹  32990
16 Yamaha TRBX304 Black Electric Guitar  ₹  32990
17 Yamaha TRBX504 Translucent Black Electric Guitar  ₹  48990
18 Yamaha PACIFICA212VQM Tobacco Brown Sunburst Electric Guitar  ₹  32990
19 Yamaha PACIFICA212VQM Caramel Brown Electric guitar  ₹  32990
20 Yamaha CG192 Classical & Nylon Guitar  ₹  51990
21 Yamaha RGX121Z Black Electric Guitar  ₹  18990
22 Yamaha SLG-200 Silent Guitar  ₹  55990
23 Yamaha FS80C Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India  ₹  7990
24 Yamaha F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India  ₹  7490
25 Yamaha LL6 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  58990
26 Yamaha LS6 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  54990
27 Yamaha FG-TA Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  55990
28 Yamaha FS-TA Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  55990
29 Yamaha PACIFICA112J Black Electric Guitar  ₹  20990
30 Yamaha PACIFICA112J Red Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  20990
31 Yamaha GA15II Guitar Amplifer  ₹  6420
32 Yamaha TRBX504 Translucent Brown Electric Guitar  ₹  45490
33 Yamaha FG800 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  19990
34 Yamaha FS80C Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  7990
35 Yamaha RGX121Z Red Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  18990
36 Yamaha F280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  7490
37 Yamaha CG182S Classical & Nylon Guitar  ₹  42990
38 Yamaha CG142S Classical & Nylon Guitar  ₹  27990
39 Yamaha F310 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  9990
40 Yamaha F310 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  9990
41 Yamaha FSX80C Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12490
42 Yamaha FSX80C Black Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12490
43 Yamaha FX310 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  15990
44 Yamaha FX280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  11490
45 Yamaha F370 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  13990
46 Yamaha F370 Tobacco Brown Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  14490
47 Yamaha F600 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  15990
48 Yamaha F620 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  17990
49 Yamaha FSX315C Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  19990
50 Yamaha FSX315C TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  19990
51 Yamaha JR2 - Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12990
52 Yamaha GL1 Classical Guitar  ₹  6390
53 Yamaha CSF1M (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  39990
54 Yamaha CSF1M Vintage Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  39990
55 Yamaha CGX102 Classical Guitar  ₹  29990
56 Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar  ₹  7990
57 Yamaha C40M Classical Guitar  ₹  7990
58 Yamaha CX40 Classical Guitar  ₹  14490
59 Yamaha CS40 Classical Guitar  ₹  9490
60 Yamaha Pacifica 012 Black Electric Guitar  ₹  15990
61 Yamaha Pacifica 012 Dark Blue Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  15990
62 Yamaha Pacifica 012 Red Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  15990
63 Yamaha Pacifica 012 White Electric Guitar  ₹  15990
64 Yamaha TRBX174 Black Electric Guitar  ₹  20490
65 Yamaha TRBX174 Dark Blue Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  20490
66 Yamaha TRBX174 Old Violin Sunburst Electric Guitar  ₹  20490
67 Yamaha TRBX174 Red Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  20490
68 Yamaha TRBX174 EW Natural Electric Guitar  ₹  25990
69 Yamaha TRBX174 EW Translucent Black Electric Guitar  ₹  25990
70 Yamaha FGC-TA Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  59990
71 Yamaha FGC-TA Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  59990
72 Yamaha FSC-TA Brown Sunburst Acoustic Guitar  ₹  57990
73 Yamaha FSC-TA Ruby Red Acoustic Guitar  ₹  59990
74 Yamaha FSC-TA Vintage Tint Acoustic Guitar  ₹  59990
75 Yamaha FX280 Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  11490
76 Yamaha Revstar RSE20L black Electric Guitar  ₹  44990
77 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Hot Merlot Electric Guitar  ₹  74990
78 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Flash Green Electric Guitar  ₹  74990
79 Yamaha Revstar RSS20 Vintage White Electric Guitar  ₹  74990
80 Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Black Electric Guitar  ₹  74990
81 Yamaha Revstar RSS02T Merlot Electric Guitar  ₹  74990
82 Yamaha Revstar RSP20 Moonlight Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  169990
83 Yamaha Revstar RSP20 Sunset Burst Electric Guitar  ₹  169990
84 Yamaha Revstar RSP02T Swift Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  169990
85 Yamaha PACIFICA612VIIX Matte Silk Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  59990
86 Yamaha PACIFICA612VIIX Teal Green Metallic Electric Guitar  ₹  59990
87 Yamaha PACIFICA612VIIX Yellow Natural Satin Electric Guitar  ₹  59990
88 Yamaha PAC112VM Gray Electric Guitar  ₹  29990
89 Yamaha PAC112VM Ice Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  29990
90 Yamaha PAC112VM Sonic Pink Electric Guitar  ₹  29990
91 Yamaha PAC112V United Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  27990
92 Yamaha PAC112V Vintage White Electric Guitar  ₹  27990
93 Yamaha PAC112VMX Yellow Natural Satin Electric Guitar  ₹  29990
94 Yamaha FS800 Acoustic Guitar  ₹  19990
95 Yamaha C80 Classical & Nylon Guitars  ₹  14990
96 Yamaha C70 Classical & Nylon Guitars  ₹  9490
97 Yamaha TRBX304 Factory Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  32990
98 Yamaha TRBX305 Factory Blue Electric Guitar  ₹  37990