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  1. Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos
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  2. Yamaha FC-7 Foot Pedal For Digital Pianos
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  3. Yamaha FC4A Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos
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Yamaha has been manufacturing synthesizers for more than forty years. Yamaha synthesizers are state-of-the-art workstations that are a powerhouse of recording, mixing, composing, and creating your unique musical expression. Yamaha synths have delivered award-winning tracks and have taken the sonic journey of musicians to another level.

When paired up with their accessories, Yamaha synthesizers pump up the performance of the synths and produce ground-breaking magical music. Irrespective of the synth model you use, the synthesizer accessories are sure to add that musical charm to any style of music you create. Given is the list of Yamaha synthesizer accessories readily available in the market and are a must-have for every music composer.

Yamaha FC4A Pedal

While working on a synthesizer, composers often need to reproduce the sound of an acoustic piano that makes their music melodious. Replicating the sound of a piano is incomplete without the pedals of an acoustic piano. The Yamaha FC4A pedal does precisely the work of a pedal on an acoustic piano. The pedal gives you the feel of playing an acoustic piano pedal. The rubber sole of the pedal makes it anti-slippery and allows you to immerse yourself in playing mesmerizing music without any hindrance.

Yamaha FC4A can also be assigned functions that can be easily switched by simply depressing the pedal. You can seamlessly enhance the range of your performance with one pedal. The foot pedal is compatible with digital pianos, keyboards, and stage pianos as well.

Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal

Yamaha's FC5 sustain pedal is an ideal accessory for every synthesizer. As the name suggests, this pedal works similar to the way in an acoustic piano. With the help of the sustain pedal, you can create an effect known as the 'sympathetic resonance.' This effect replicates removing dampers from the piano strings, thereby allowing the notes to ring longer even after the keys are no longer held down. The result of notes ringing even after the keys are released fabricates the desired sustain effect, which helps create richer harmonic sound.

The FC5 sustain pedal has a rubber base that makes it anti-slippery and ideal for any surface. The multi-function FC5 can also act as an FS controller for synthesizers, tone modulations, and even drum machines.

Yamaha FC7 Foot Pedal/Foot Controller

Yamaha FC7 foot pedal is a robust device for digital pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers to which you can assign multiple functions like volume, voice, and tone control. The ‘fortissimo function’ of the FC7 allows you to play certain parts of the music loudly thereby, elevating your overall performance.

A spring point in the controller makes it adjustable at any angle, thus allowing you for standing or seated performance. The metal connection plate enables multiple pedal 'ganging,' giving it the unique ability to control the volume and even change your playing style. The FC7 foot controller gives you the control to transform your music style and pump up your performance.

MIDI Interface Cable

You can create your customized desktop virtual studio by simply connecting the MIDI interface cable directly to your computer. Use the synth's MIDI output port and connect it to the USB port of your desktop and take your sonic journey to a whole new level. With the help of various computer software tools and programs, you can be the next modern Mozart.

Get yourself equipped with these high-powered Yamaha synthesizer accessories and prepare to revolutionize the world of music. Yamaha synthesizer accessories in India are readily available on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on these great synthesizer accessories to enhance and mesmerize yourself entirely in the musical world.

Yamaha Synthesizer Accessories-price list

Yamaha Synthesizer Accessories Price
1 Yamaha FC-7 Foot Pedal For Digital Pianos  ₹  4690
2 Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos  ₹  1690
3 Yamaha FC4A Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos  ₹  3690