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  1. Yamaha FC4A Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos
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  2. Yamaha PA-130B AC Power Adaptor
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  3. Yamaha PA-150B Power Adaptor For Portable Keyboards
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  4. Yamaha HPH-50 Comfortable Headphones Black
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  5. Yamaha HPH-100 Comfortable Headphones Black
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  6. Yamaha PA-300C AC Power Adapter For Hi-End Portable Keyboards
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  7. Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal For Keyboards and Pianos
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The True Power of keyboard instruments

Music is an integral part of daily life. It helps shape our emotions and gives us the comfort and peace that accompany its melodies. Many people find musical instruments to be difficult to play, but Yamaha has always lived up to offer the best solutions. Yamaha has created a line of keyboard instruments that are both playable and aesthetically pleasing. Anyone can pick up a digital piano model and have fun creating music.

When it comes to the best keyboard, one can always look for four major factors. They are as follows:

  • Versatility
  • Quality of sound
  • Credibility
  • Feature-rich keyboard

And all of these aspects bring you closer to the true power of music.

Remarkable Capabilities of Musical Keyboard

There are a multitude of ways in which people communicate through the language of music. The true essence of music can be achieved by keyboard instruments to express feelings and emotions. When it comes to empowering your performances, this stands to be the best choice.

Because music has many features, including melody, harmony, rhythm, and tone, one can determine the true essence of a remarkable musical instrument by looking at the following factors. They are as follows:

  • Size
  • Number of keys
  • Range’
  • Variety of sounds produced
  • Portability
  • Type of the keyboard

And many more.

Experience the Magic of Playing the Best Keyboard Music Instrument

Music is an art form that can be learned and experienced through listening and playing musical instruments like keyboards. Music instrument models have many features that make them useful for creating music

And Yamaha stands true to the requirements of the learner to a great extent. Now, let’s unfold the features that pave the way to immense creativity and talent. They are as follows:

➔  Quality: Yamaha never believes in compromising on the true sound and quality of its products. From top-notch raw materials to rigorous quality testing, Yamaha brings in credibility. This eye for quality enhances the experience of both professional musicians and casual listeners alike.

➔  Design: Yamaha is well-known for its innovative design concepts across the globe. When designing a new model, Yamaha pays great attention to detail as they design and assemble each digital piano music instrument to cater to all levels of musicians. Yamaha incorporates unique features that tend to work out as an ideal choice for aspiring keyboardists. Bringing ease of playability and high-end functionality models.

➔  Portability: The lightweight designs in return make the best keyboard. With this capability, you can move around with your musical instrument wherever you want.

Other major commendable features include:

  • Key Variation: The number of keys on the musical instrument directly relates to what can be played. So, from a range of 37 keys to 61 keys, one can identify their ideal model.
  • Touch Sensitive: Dynamic and expressive craftsmanship and expertise with commendable technology leads the way to true musical success.
  • Auto Accompaniment Styles: This feature lets you automatically play various musical parts which celebrate the flexibility of the musicians.
  • Lessons Feature: Innovative lesson feature makes your musical journey even more inspiring with a built-in library consisting of hundreds of songs.
  • Smart Chord: If you are still learning to play correct chords, this feature acts as a lifesaver. This feature allows you to control styles with just a finger.
  • Equipped with Voices and Instruments: Yamaha’s extensive instrument-making expertise lets you explore and create a commendable number of styles.

Buy the Best Keyboards Online

Looking to buy the best Yamaha keyboards online? Check out our selection of high-quality Yamaha digital pianos, available at competitive prices. From portable options to professional-grade models, we have something for every musician. Shop now and take your music to the next level.

Yamaha: The True Music Companion

Music has the power to move people to tears with its sweet tones or send them into a frenzy with its deafening sounds. Over the years, musical keyboard technology has transformed from simple instruments to highly technological devices that produce almost any sound we can imagine. One of the most notable companies in this field is Yamaha.

So, now let’s find out the best models and music keyboard price lists, to make the right choice.

Yamaha’s dedication to music technology, art, and the industry has brought numerous artists to life - pushing them to be known for their true success.

So, buy the best musical keyboard and celebrate the power of music.

Happy Shopping!

Musical Instruments– FAQs

  1. What are keyboard instruments?

A- This is a type of musical instrument that is played by pressing keys on a keyboard to produce musical notes. Digital models come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and price points, and they are used in a variety of musical settings, including classical, jazz, and popular music. Some are designed to mimic the sound of traditional instruments, such as pianos and organs, while others offer a wide range of electronic sounds and effects. 

  1. Is the quality of the piano keyboard music instrument good?

A- The piano musical instrument is built of excellent quality and attention to detail, as well as its rich, expressive sound. Check out the highly regarded models right here.

  1. How to choose a good musical keyboard?

A- When choosing a good instrument, consider your budget, the size of the space you have available, and your musical goals.

  1. How do I take care of a digital piano?

A- To take care of a digital piano, it is important to keep it in a clean, dry, and climate-controlled environment. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or near heat sources, and be sure to turn it off when it is not in use. Dust the keys and exterior regularly with a soft, dry cloth, and be careful not to spill liquids on it. If you are using a model with batteries, be sure to replace them regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly. If you are using a digital piano with electronic components, it is a good idea to unplug it when it is not in use to protect against power surges and other electrical issues.

  1. How do I return an electronic keyboard?

A- If the electronic keyboard is delivered and accepted by you accurately as per the original order, there is no refund or exchange possible. In case of another scenario, please refer to the Payment, Delivery & Returns Policy.

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Yamaha Keyboard Instruments-price list

Yamaha Keyboard Instruments Price
1 Yamaha PSR-I500 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys  ₹  26490
2 Yamaha PSR-I400 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys  ₹  21490
3 Yamaha PSS-E30 Mini Keyboard For Kids  ₹  4995
4 Yamaha PSS-F30 Mini Keyboard For Kids  ₹  4995
5 Yamaha PSS-A50 Portable Keyboard With 37 Keys  ₹  7290
6 Yamaha PSR-SX900 Digital Workstation With 61 Keys  ₹  128990
7 Yamaha PSR-SX700 Digital Workstation With 61 Keys  ₹  102990
8 Yamaha HPH-100 Comfortable Headphones Black  ₹  4990
9 Yamaha HPH-50 Comfortable Headphones Black  ₹  3190
10 Yamaha PA-130B AC Power Adaptor  ₹  1490
11 Yamaha PA-150B Power Adaptor For Portable Keyboards  ₹  2090
12 Yamaha PA-300C AC Power Adapter For Hi-End Portable Keyboards  ₹  5300
13 Yamaha PSR-SX600 Digital Workstation With 61 Keys  ₹  67990
14 Yamaha PSR-E273 Portable Keyboard With 61 Keys  ₹  11490
15 Yamaha PSR-E373 Portable Keyboard With 61 Keys  ₹  16490
16 Yamaha PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys  ₹  8690
17 Yamaha PSR-E473 Portable Keyboard With 61 Keys  ₹  22490
18 Yamaha PSR-EW425 Portable Keyboard With 76 Keys  ₹  27490
19 Yamaha EZ-300 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Lighted Keys  ₹  21990
20 Yamaha PSR-I300 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys  ₹  17990
21 Yamaha PSR-E283 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys  ₹  12490
22 Yamaha PSR-E383 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys (Adaptor Included)  ₹  17990