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Acquiring an electronic drum kit may seem like a daunting task even to a conventional acoustic drum player. With the advancement in technology, it is no wonder that choosing a suitable drum set can be baffling. Yamaha has put in its years of experience in sound and music to manufacture authentic, top-quality compact electronic drum kits without compromising on the principles of drumming.

The moment you lay your hands on a Yamaha electronic drum set, you cannot stop creating and immersing yourself in an exceptional high-quality drumming experience that makes your heart leap with joy. Yamaha electronic drum set is all you need for producing a sensational drumming experience. The electronic drum kits come with built-in training programs and acoustic sound effects that enrich the outcome, which is nothing but pure high-definition drum beats.

Yamaha electronic drum kits are designed to provide a consistent user experience to every drummer regardless of their overall drumming experience. For professional drummers, the Yamaha electronic drum sets are nothing less than a boon.

Let us look at some of the special features of Yamaha electronic drum kits available in India:

Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit Key Features

Impeccable Sound

Yamaha electronic drum kits deliver top-class sound that makes your drumming experience an absolute divine one. The electronic drum sets come equipped with ten inbuilt drum kits, acoustic drum effects, and electronic sounds to give you that perfect beat in every way. The inbuilt drum kits can be customized, allowing you to innovate high-quality personal soundtracks.


When it comes to designing, Yamaha continues to be the leader in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art electronic drums. Yamaha has mastered the art of designing through decades of experience in creating realistic drum kits enabled with modern features and unmatched aesthetic value.

The drum rack design provides flexibility in adjusting the various components of the drum set. Be it the cymbals, snare, or tom drums, you can smoothly position them according to your convenience and recreate different sound variations.

Durable Body

It has taken seven years for Yamaha to develop the material for their electronic drum pads known as the textured cellular silicone. The material is highly durable and resilient to the quick rapid-fire of hits on the pads, but at the same time, it is soft enough not to have a loud sound when the drumsticks hit the pads.

The precise sound response from each component of the drum set gives you a clear and accurate beat while practicing or performing. Yamaha’s unique floating system design allows a smooth integration of the snare and tom drums that deliver a quiet yet expressive response.

The expertise of professional engineers, along with the rigorous testing done by highly qualified drummers, has helped in fine-tuning the electronic drums, which has given them a more natural feel and response like the acoustic drums.


The amount of time and energy required to set up Yamaha electronic drum kits is significantly less due to its simple design. The rack of the drum sets is made of foldable steel, making it sturdy, lightweight, and easily portable.

Inbuilt Training Functions

Who said drumming is for professionals only? Yamaha’s electronic drum sets come with ten inbuilt training functions. With the help of these training functions, any amateur drummer can get the entire range of support to improve their drumming skills, add more grooves to their beats, and help express themselves as professional drummers.

The functions comprise Song Part Gate, which enables you to play actual drum patterns with a song.

The Rhythm Gate function allows you to improve your sense of rhythm while playing a song. Another exciting and fun function is the Fast Blast function which requires you to strike the drum pads as fast as possible within sixty seconds, making it feel like a game.

You can also record your sessions with the help of the Recorder Function and use them to listen and improve your beats. All this and much more is offered when you choose the Yamaha electronic drum set.


Yamaha understands the value of things being available at the touch of your finger and, therefore, has designed a dedicated iOS/Android app for its electronic drum set, allowing you to learn, practice and train in a fun and engaging way. You can also get certified by Yamaha by completing the Challenge Mode available in the app. The app is also compatible with the famous iOS Rec’n’Share app enabling you to record your music and share it worldwide.

If you are an aspiring drummer or maybe even a professional one, a Yamaha electronic drum set is all you need to give your drumming that ‘oomph’ factor. The price of Yamaha electronic drum set in India is set at an economic value, allowing consumers to get hold of one of Yamaha’s world-renowned creations at an affordable cost.

In India, Yamaha sells original musical instruments and accessories via its online music store. You can find the Yamaha drum sets for beginners on our official website. Visit our online store today to get this fantastic quality drum set and become the drummer you are destined to be.

Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit-price list

Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit Price
1 Yamaha DTXM12 Multi Pad Electronic Drum  ₹  56990
2 Yamaha DTX-452K Electronic Drum  ₹  68990
3 Yamaha DD-75 Digital Drum  ₹  27990
4 Yamaha DTX-402K Electronic Drum  ₹  52990
5 FGDP-30 Finger Drum Pad  ₹  16990
6 FGDP-50 Finger Drum Pad  ₹  25990
7 Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic Drum (Black Forest)  ₹  479990
8 Yamaha DTX10K-X Electronic Drum (Black Forest)  ₹  534990
9 Yamaha DTX8K-M Electronic Drum (Black Forest)  ₹  294990
10 Yamaha DTX8K-X Electronic Drum (Black Forest)  ₹  344990
11 Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic Drum (Real Wood)  ₹  479990
12 Yamaha DTX10K-X Electronic Drum (Real Wood)  ₹  534990
13 Yamaha DTX8K-M Electronic Drum (Real Wood)  ₹  294990
14 Yamaha DTX8K-X Electronic Drum (Real Wood)  ₹  344990