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  1. Yamaha P-S500 Digital Piano With 88 Keys (Adaptor Included)
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Digital Piano Collection From Yamaha 


Yamaha Music Store is home to thousands of musical instruments all across India. We have combined innovation, and technology with rich sensibilities to offer the finest collection of digital pianos to add new value and joy to the lives of professional pianists, beginners, or aspiring to be pianists.


Yamaha Digital Piano has inherited sound creation, craftsmanship, and musical skills from various generations of Yamaha’s music makers. The combination of various technologies developed from the start of sound and music creation delivers the best playability and experience that only Yamaha can offer. With the change in time, We have included the latest digital technology to offer more slim, smart, and lightweight 88-key pianos, all designed to give the finest playing experience.


Explore Digital Piano Series Online in India 


Yamaha digital pianos are a top-grade offering to artists of all genres, levels, and ages worldwide. There is already a popular range of acoustic pianos, upright pianos, and hybrid pianos. These digital pianos are the perfect addition to the range of professional pianos. They harmoniously combine craftsmanship and innovation to deliver unparalleled performance. We invite you to explore our range of instruments, which includes the renowned Yamaha Clavinova and the smart P-Series designed to inspire musicians of all levels. These are the types of digital pianos offered;





Clavinova is Yamaha’s finest digital piano that provides a true grand piano-like feel. The amazing grand piano feel results from the instincts and skills and the cutting-edge technology that Yamaha uses. All this in combination makes the playing of Yamaha Clavinova for piano lovers more joyful and easy. 

  • CSP series
  • CLP series 
  • CVP series


The ARIUS digital piano with its remarkably authentic sound and expressive sensitivity represents Yamaha technology and experience. If you're just getting started with the piano or simply want a beautiful, stylish piano in your home, this range has the perfect piano.

  • Standard Series 
  • Slim Series


P-Series gives the sound of a concert grand piano. This portable keyboard delivers the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano touch response that customers expect. Get the most manageable piano size that perfectly fits in your home or studio. 

Portable Grand

The Portable Grand is the perfect contemporary piano with a variety of interactive features and easy connectivity. They are the best and most easy-to-carry digital pianos offering features like that of a grand. These series of portable piano keyboards make learning, playing and sharing music fun for everyone. 


Piano Accessories

Enhance your experience when you buy piano online with our range of accessories. From stands to headphones to adaptors, get all accessories online. 


  • Headphones

Buy headphones to pair with Yamaha digital pianos. Get premium headphones delivering powerful sound, rich tone and superb Yamaha quality.


  • Keyboard Stands & Pedals

Get high quality Keyboard stands and pedals to match the look and feel of the range of pianos from Portable grand to P-Series electric keyboards.


  • AC Power Adaptors

Get an AC power adaptor to avoid the usage of batteries. Get a Piano adaptor and more accessories at the best price online. Some accessories not included with the product, please check product bundle or contact our customer care before placing order.

Why Choose Yamaha Digital Pianos?

Yamaha has a long-standing reputation for crafting some of the world's best digital pianos. The collection from Yamaha is the perfect example of craftsmanship and innovation in one instrument. With the skills and innovation acquired from the making of grand pianos, the makers of digital pianos offer high-quality sound and premium design. You get Smart Pianist app compatibility that features intuitive operation and score viewing for your electric piano. Here are the reasons why Yamaha pianos are the best choice for everyone.


Sound Quality:  Yamaha digital pianos like the Clavinova are equipped with high-quality sound sampling from its renowned acoustic pianos, including the flagship CFX concert grand piano which makes it perfect for pianists who want to experience the rich, authentic sound that closely mimics the experience of playing a traditional piano.


Versatility: The piano musical instruments are known for their versatility. They come with a variety of built-in sounds, including different piano tones, a high-quality built-in stereo speaker system, and stream light functions. They also include recording capabilities, USB connectivity, and integration with the smart pianist app for extra help for your piano practice.


Portability: With constant innovation in digital pianos, you get pianos that are lightweight, compact, and easily movable, making them easy to move and suitable for small spaces. Models like the Yamaha P-series, Portable Grand, and Arius Slim series are particularly noted for their compact and sleek designs.


Silent Practice: Many electric pianos come with a headphone jack, allowing for silent practice. Just connect your piano with professional headphones to hear what you play. This is ideal for those living in shared spaces or who prefer to practice without disturbing others.


Playability: Yamaha digital pianos are a great investment for any pianist. Whether you're a beginner learning your first notes or a professional performer, our range of online piano keyboards from Clavinova to P-series provides the sound quality, touch, and features to meet your musical needs.


With decades of experience in creating musical instruments, our commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every product. When you buy a Yamaha digital piano, you're investing in Precision, Craftsmanship, and Brand trusted by musicians worldwide. 


Key Features of Our Digital Pianos


Now, let’s explore the technological prowess and versatility before planning to buy piano models that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of musicians. Please check the features in the specification section in detail before placing an order.





Our pianos offer a range of polyphony options to accommodate your playing style. Choose from the following notes of polyphony to ensure all your musical nuances are captured.

  • 64
  • 192
  • 256

Number of Keys

Select the keyboard size that suits you best. We offer options with 88 keys to match your preference and playing style.

Touch Sensitivity

Experience a realistic playing feel with our touch-sensitive keyboards. Choose from the following technology to suit your preferences.


  • Graded Hammer Standard: Graded Hammer Standard is a technology that replicates the feel of an acoustic piano, with keys that become gradually heavier as you move from the high to low notes, mimicking the authentic touch of a traditional piano.
  • Graded Hammer 3X: Graded Hammer 3X takes realism a step further by providing a triple sensor system that enhances accuracy in detecting key movements and delivering a highly responsive and expressive playing experience. 
  • Grand Touch-S: Grand Touch-S technology replicates the touch and responsiveness of a grand piano, offering a nuanced and expressive playing feel that's favoured by advanced pianists. 
  • Grand Touch™: Grand Touch™ is a cutting-edge technology that combines advanced sensors and mechanisms to create an even more authentic grand piano touch, allowing for precise control and expressive playing.


Our electric pianos come with modern features to enhance your playing experience. To add depth to your performances, you can opt for the following:

  • Bluetooth audio connectivity
  • MIC input for singing along
  • VH2 (Vocal Harmonizer) 

Yamaha Keyboards At The Best Price Online 

Whether you want to upgrade to a digital keyboard or want a concert grand piano-like sound we have got you covered with our range of digital pianos that includes the P-series which is the best keyboard piano, Portable Grand, Arius to the Clavinova Piano that gives you the feel and sound of a grand piano. The performance, quality, technology, and innovation, all these are highly loved by artists, music makers, and even aspiring musicians worldwide. Buy your favorite from our official store online at the best piano cost in India.

Piano Keyboard Price and More Information

For detailed information about Electric Piano Prices and specifications, browse our website or contact our friendly customer service team. We're here to assist you in making the right choice for your musical journey. 

Invest in the best digital piano at a great Yamaha Piano Price and make waves with Yamaha.


Happy Shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What Makes Digital Pianos a Great Choice for Musicians?

A: Digital pianos are an excellent choice due to their versatility, sound quality, and portability, making them suitable for various skill levels and musical styles. They are a great investment for beginners as well as professionals.


2. How Do Digital Pianos Compare to Keyboards?

A: Digital pianos offer a more authentic piano playing experience with weighted keys and realistic sound, making them preferable for pianists, whereas keyboards are versatile for a wide range of sounds and music styles.


3. How Does a Digital Piano Compare to an Acoustic Piano?

A: Digital pianos, especially those with features like Graded Hammer Standard touch, closely emulate the touch of an acoustic piano while offering additional advantages like volume control and digital effects which makes it a great asset in comparison to an acoustic piano. 


4. Does a Clavinova Provide the Real Piano Feel?

A: Yes, Clavinova digital pianos replicate the feel of a real piano thanks to various touch technologies (Grand Hammer Standard, Grand Hammer 3X, Grand Touch-S, and Grand Touch™), ensuring a lifelike playing experience.


5. What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Clavinova?

A: Clavinova pianos offer the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, providing exceptional sound quality, authentic touch, and advanced features, and are available in three different series making them the ideal choice for discerning musicians and those seeking the best in digital piano technology.


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Yamaha Digital Piano-price list

Yamaha Digital Piano Price
1 Yamaha HPH-100 Comfortable Headphones Black  ₹  4990
2 Yamaha HPH-50 Comfortable Headphones Black  ₹  3190
3 Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano With 88 Keys  ₹  41990
4 Yamaha P-121B Digital Piano With 73 Keys  ₹  52990
5 Yamaha P-125B Digital Piano With 88 Keys  ₹  61990
6 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha CLP-775R Clavinova Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor, Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  308980
7 Yamaha CLP-745R Clavinova Digital Piano (Installation Free) (Adaptor Included)  ₹  213980
8 Yamaha CLP-735R Clavinova Digital Piano (Installation Free) (Adaptor Included)  ₹  167290
9 Yamaha LP-7A Three Piano-Style Pedals For Grand Piano  ₹  5450
10 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha CVP-701B Clavinova Digital Piano (Including Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  239990
11 Yamaha L-85 Digital Piano Stand For P-45  ₹  6790
12 Yamaha L125B Piano Stand For P125B  ₹  7690
13 Yamaha DGX-670 Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor)  ₹  97290
14 Yamaha L-121 Piano Stand For P-121 Piano  ₹  7690
15 Yamaha PA-500 AC Adapter  ₹  8990
16 Yamaha YDP-105 Arius Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor, Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  89080
17 Yamaha YDP-145 Arius Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor, Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  107080
18 Yamaha YDP-165 Arius Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor, Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  125290
19 Yamaha L-300 Piano stand for DGX-670  ₹  8390
20 Yamaha CLP-725R Clavinova Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor, Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  136290
21 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha CLP-785B Clavinova Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor, Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  438980
22 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha CLP-765GP Clavinova Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor, Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  449980
23 Yamaha P-S500 Digital Piano With 88 Keys (Adaptor Included)  ₹  146980
24 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha CLP-795GP Clavinova Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor, Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  738980
25 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha CVP-909B Clavinova Digital Piano (Including Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  669990
26 Yamaha P-145 88-Key Weighted Action Portable Digital Piano with Power Supply, great for beginners (Adaptor Included)  ₹  43990
27 Yamaha P-225 88-Key Weighted Action Portable Digital Piano with Power Supply, great for beginners (Adaptor Included)  ₹  66990
28 PRE-ORDER: Yamaha CVP-905B Clavinova Digital Piano (Including Bench and Home Installation)  ₹  439990