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  1. Yamaha F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  2. Yamaha FS80C Black Acoustic Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  3. Yamaha F280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes
  4. Yamaha F310 Natural Acoustic Guitar
    Price inclusive of all taxes

Yamaha Music India sells a wide range of audio equipment that caters to the most refined customer requirements. Our brand promises excellence, innovation, and authenticity to customers. The ‘Yamaha Way’ comprises the ability to initiate challenging projects and ensure commitment. We dedicate ourselves to India by having the finest musical instruments Made in India for Indians. The made-in-India Yamaha range presently consists of piano, keyboards, guitars, and drums – both electric and acoustic.

Yamaha Music India is committed to the Indian consumer, and we have undertaken innovative steps to integrate the Indian musical style and taste to our made in India pianos and keyboards. These made in India keyboards are perfect for practice and performance.

Music is profoundly different across the country. Yamaha made in India pianos and keyboards have on-board features that cater to music from north to south and east to west. The scales have unique characteristics; Bollywood music varies from Tollywood music, while traditional sangeet and classical music are entirely different. Yamaha has integrated these aspects beautifully.

Yamaha made in India piano/keyboard feature highlights

  • In-built Indian instrumental music: Yamaha India’s made in India pianos support up to forty Indian musical instruments
  • Auto accompaniment: Use in-built Indian music styles and play the made in India piano to effortlessly produce authentic music
  • Quick sampling: Yamaha made in India keyboard portfolio comprises the ability to record short samples and transfer those to supported keyboard using a laptop. Composing music has never been easier
  • Indian classical music: Riyaz (Tabla/Mridangam & Tanpura) function with 20 Taals
  • Movie music: Select pianos come with in-built music from a carefully curated collection of Indian movies to allow for up to fifty settings

Yamaha made in India guitar highlights

  • Exclusivity: With Yamaha, Indians get to purchase acoustic guitar models that others cannot! Yamaha India offers India-exclusive acoustic guitar models designed specifically for the Indian consumer
  • Manufacturing: Yamaha made in India guitars are manufactured at the Indian factory with international quality standards. Yamaha supports the vision to manufacture in India, for Indians
  • Affordability: Made in India guitars coming from Yamaha India’s music factory provide better affordability. High quality at cost-effective prices – it cannot get better than that
  • Process: The make in India process followed by Yamaha comprises careful material sampling, testing for Indian environmental conditions, all conducted by trained professionals

Yamaha made in India drum highlights

  • Range: The made in India range of drums comprises acoustic and electronic drum sets
  • Size: The Indian drum portfolio comprises acoustic and electric variants with different sizes to cater to all consumer categories
  • Electronic drum: The Yamaha made in India electric drums are explicitly designed to cater to Indian comfort and taste
  • Variety: Yamaha offers drum kits in different vibrant colors to ensure they match customer preferences

Being a world leader in an aspect as profound as music takes a lot of effort. Yamaha has pioneered the music experience in India by crafting made in India pianos that take the keyboard experience to a whole different domestic level. We are proud to have affordable, high-quality guitars coming out of the Yamaha India music factory. The Indian consumer can own guitars exclusive to the country. The drum kits sold on Yamaha music store are also offered to specifically suit the Indian consumer. Furthermore, Yamaha’s dedication to quality can be observed by the fact that the materials used to produce musical instruments for domestic taste are Indianized right from the material selection to the programming process. We serve our Indian consumers proudly.

Yamaha Made In India-price list

Yamaha Made In India Price
1 Yamaha PSR-I500 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys  ₹  25990
2 Yamaha PSR-I400 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys  ₹  21490
3 Yamaha PSS-E30 Mini Keyboard For Kids  ₹  4995
4 Yamaha PSS-F30 Mini Keyboard For Kids  ₹  4995
5 Yamaha PSS-A50 Portable Keyboard With 37 Keys  ₹  7290
6 Yamaha FS80C Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India  ₹  8490
7 Yamaha F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India  ₹  7990
8 Yamaha FS80C Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  8490
9 Yamaha F280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  7990
10 Yamaha F310 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  10490
11 Yamaha F310 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  10490
12 Yamaha FSX80C Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12990
13 Yamaha FSX80C Black Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12990
14 Yamaha FX280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  11490
15 Yamaha PSR-E473 Portable Keyboard With 61 Keys  ₹  22490
16 Yamaha PSR-EW425 Portable Keyboard With 76 Keys  ₹  27490
17 Yamaha FX280 Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  11490
18 Yamaha F310P Acoustic Guitar (Includes Gigbag, Strap, Pitch Pipe, Strings, Picks, String Winder and Capo)  ₹  16990
19 Yamaha PSR-I300 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys  ₹  17990