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  1. Yamaha DTX8K-X Electronic Drum (Black Forest)
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  2. Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic Drum (Real Wood)
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  3. Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic Drum (Black Forest)
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  4. Yamaha DTX10K-X Electronic Drum (Real Wood)
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  5. Yamaha DTX10K-X Electronic Drum (Black Forest)
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Yamaha Drums: For beginner and Professional drummer

Drums, the heartbeat of music, hold the power to transform any composition into a captivating masterpiece. They infuse melody, dynamics, and rhythm, making everyone groove to their mesmerising beats. Learning the art of drumming isn't just a musical pursuit; it's a mental and physical adventure. Playing the drums is an invigorating experience, and with the right set, you're destined for success.

At Yamaha, we understand the passion and creativity that drive drummers. This is why we've poured our expertise into crafting exceptional designs with top-tier sound quality. The Yamaha drum set embodies authenticity, exceptional quality, and functionality. From the perspective of a drummer, we've created instruments that promise an exhilarating drumming journey. Yamaha seamlessly integrates its musical prowess to deliver a soul-soothing drumming experience. With a range catering to beginners, intermediates, and professionals, Yamaha's unwavering commitment to the art of drumming has earned its trust worldwide.


Yamaha's Trademark: Quality and Design

Yamaha is synonymous with quality and reliability. Our relentless quality control ensures we stand out as one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Yamaha drum sets are constructed from premium materials and undergo rigorous testing to guarantee professional-grade products. Our state-of-the-art electronic drums merge aesthetics, modern features, and realistic design to provide an unparalleled experience.

The simplicity of our design enables you to set up your drum kits effortlessly. Our electronic drum pads or finger drums, crafted from resilient textured cellular silicone, deliver an authentic feel. The floating system design smoothly integrates snare and tom drums, enhancing your performance. The flexible drum rack, made of foldable steel, simplifies adjustments, and its portability allows you to place your drums according to your comfort and create a variety of sound variations.


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Whether you're just beginning your drumming adventure or looking to elevate your skills, Yamaha is your trusted companion on this rhythmic journey. We invite you to explore our extensive range of exceptional drum set price lists that cater to drummers of all levels. With Yamaha, you can find the perfect drum set to match your aspirations.




Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic drum kits blend cutting-edge technology with the soulful rhythms of acoustic drums, offering a versatile and dynamic drumming experience. From practising quietly with headphones to experimenting with a multitude of sounds, electric drum kits unlock a world of possibilities.

Digital Percussion Pads

Explore the digital frontier of percussion with Yamaha's digital percussion instruments. These devices provide a unique and interactive way to create beats, rhythms, and soundscapes. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned percussionist, our digital percussion options offer innovative tools for creativity and expression.

Finger Drums

Finger drums are an innovative percussion instrument designed to fit in the palm of your hand. These portable devices offer a unique way to produce beats and rhythms using your fingers. Ideal for beginners and seasoned musicians alike, finger drums provide a tactile and responsive experience, allowing you to experiment with diverse sounds and patterns. With their intuitive interfaces and compact size, they enable you to craft beats on the go, explore different genres, and express your musical ideas effortlessly.

Drum Accessories

Enhance your drumming setup with our comprehensive range of drum accessories. From drumsticks to stands, cymbals, and more, we've got everything you need to fine-tune your drum kit, improve your performance, and ensure you're ready for every drumming challenge.


Key Features




Impeccable Sound

Yamaha electronic drum kits deliver top-class sound that makes your drumming experience a divine one. The electronic drum sets come equipped with ten inbuilt drum kits, acoustic drum effects, and electronic sounds to give you that perfect beat in every way. The inbuilt drum kits can be customised, allowing you to innovate high-quality personal soundtracks.

Built-in drum kits

Yamaha drums offer 10 built-in drum kits featuring various acoustic effects and electronic sounds. This versatility caters to everyone, from novices to experts. You can even create your unique kit, selecting from a range of authentic, high-quality sounds.

Built-in training functions

Yamaha musical drums come with a plethora of built-in training functions accessible through the module and app. The module becomes your encouraging trainer, guiding your drumming journey.

Recorder and score function

The recording function helps you track your progress, allowing you to review your performances and refine your skills. Our scoring function assesses your techniques, making your musical journey smoother.

Module connectivity

Link the module to your smart device or computer to generate audio data. With the module connected to the camera app, you can easily create videos with your drumming sounds. For music production, connect the module to your computer and link it to a digital audio workstation.

Durable pads and racks

Yamaha drums feature highly durable pads and racks that have passed stringent durability tests. These responsive drum heads make you feel the beat you play clearly. The snare and tom pads provide quiet yet delightful responses, thanks to Yamaha's floating design.


Our dedicated iOS/Android app helps you practise and develop drumming skills across various music genres. The app adds an element of fun to learning and enables you to customise your drum kits. By completing the Challenge Mode in the app, you can earn certification from Yamaha. The iOS version is compatible with the Rec'n'Share app, enabling you to record and share your music worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is buying an electronic drum kit a wise choice?

A- Yes, electronic drum kits are worth it for various reasons. They are quieter, offer versatility, and provide access to a wide range of sounds and practice features.


2. Are electric drum kits suitable for beginners?

A- Absolutely, electric drums are excellent for beginners. They offer adjustable volume, built-in tutorials, and the ability to practise without disturbing others.


3. What makes electronic drums better than acoustic drums?

A- Electronic drums are better than acoustic ones for home use due to their noise control, diverse sounds, and the ability to practise silently with headphones.


4. Can electronic drum kits be used for home practice?

A- Yes, electronic drum kits allow you to practise quietly at home, thanks to their headphone support and volume control.


5. Is it ok to learn drumming on an electronic drum kit?

A- Learning on an electronic drum kit is perfectly fine. It provides valuable practice tools, and you can transition to acoustic drums when ready.


6. How to extend 

A- Learning on an electronic drum kit is perfectly fine. It provides valuable practice tools, and you can transition to acoustic drums when ready.


Begin or advance your drumming journey with Yamaha.

Make waves with Yamaha.

Yamaha Drums-price list

Yamaha Drums Price
1 Yamaha DTXM12 Multi Pad Electronic Drum  ₹  56990
2 Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum  ₹  68990
3 Yamaha DTX-402K Electronic Drum  ₹  52990
4 FGDP-30 Finger Drum Pad  ₹  16990
5 FGDP-50 Finger Drum Pad  ₹  25990
6 Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic Drum (Black Forest)  ₹  479990
7 Yamaha DTX10K-X Electronic Drum (Black Forest)  ₹  534990
8 Yamaha DTX8K-M Electronic Drum (Black Forest)  ₹  294990
9 Yamaha DTX8K-X Electronic Drum (Black Forest)  ₹  344990
10 Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic Drum (Real Wood)  ₹  479990
11 Yamaha DTX10K-X Electronic Drum (Real Wood)  ₹  534990
12 Yamaha DTX8K-M Electronic Drum (Real Wood)  ₹  294990
13 Yamaha DTX8K-X Electronic Drum (Real Wood)  ₹  344990