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Even before the creation of a musical instrument, humans created sound and music using various methods and things. Some known methods included people stomping on the ground with their feet or even beating their bodies to create a sound effect. This method of producing sound in a rhythm by beating things is known as percussion.

Since discovering the percussion technique, it was extensively used to communicate with people over long distances and even during mass gatherings or celebrations. As we progressed, there has been a lot of innovation and improvement with the technique and the instruments used to achieve a perfect percussion music.

We can see various percussion instruments like the xylophone, tambourines, gongs, and even drums in today's world. Yamaha has used its expertise and modern technology to combine multiple percussion instrument effects into a single musical instrument called a digital percussion. Yamaha has been using their advanced sampling technique to develop a multi-player digital percussion that can deliver a realistic hi-fi sound effect with options ranging from a massive total of 1277 voices that you can explore.

Using Yamaha's digital percussion, you can experiment with digital sounds and various vibrant percussion sounds viz; chromatic percussion, folk, and even the classic acoustic drums. The digital percussion by Yamaha comes with 128 Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) playing patterns that allow you to enjoy a wide range of musical genres by just striking the pads.

The electronic percussion by Yamaha in India is the only digital percussion pad that comes with 12 pads to play. Each pad can be assigned various sounds and voices, allowing you to experiment with your overall playing ability. Yamaha Percussion in India includes 62 Indian sounds like the ones from Manjira, Dholki, Mridangam, Sitar, Tabla, etc., which you can use according to your sound and voice expandability.

Yamaha digital percussion pads are enabled with multi-features that open doors to a limitless possibility of creating great music. It comes with multi-voice, multi-effect, multi-pattern, and multi-modes, making it a perfect musical instrument for every percussionist. The digital percussion is lightweight and easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Let us explore a little more in detail about these inbuilt multi-features available in Yamaha digital percussions:

Preset Kit

Yamaha's digital percussions are developed using a unique amalgamation of the high-quality sound from Yamaha's world-renowned MOTIF series and the new percussion sounds and effects acquired by Yamaha's modern sampling technology. It comes prebuilt with rich and diverse voices and sound-effect options like the effects for DJ sounds, folk music, and even Yamaha's famed acoustic drums.

You can also use the percussion kit to play WAV or AIFF audio files by importing them from a USB memory device and customizing them according to your requirements. The digital pads allow you to produce top-quality reverb and chorus effects that affect the entire kit. It also allows you to introduce the impact like flangers and delays that create a sense of space and depth in your music.

Multi Preset Pattern

A percussionist can use Yamaha's digital percussion to play music genres known across the world like African, Indian, Latin, Chinese, etc. With the help of the inbuilt MIDI playing pattern, you can create your sample patterns by simply striking the pads. You can also connect with your system to record your performance or create your unique sound patterns.

Once you decide your pattern of music, you can assign them to the pads. With the help of the Tap Tempo function, you can conveniently set the right tempo for your patterns by using the click track feature to strike the pads and create your unique rhythm quite intuitively.

Multi-Play Modes

Anyone can enjoy performing using Yamaha's digital percussion kit as it allows you to play not only with sticks but also your hands and fingers.

By switching to hand mode, you can easily use your hand to play the percussion for introducing the hand percussion effect.

The finger mode enables you to capture the intricate finger expression valid for finger drumming.

Another exciting feature is the mute mode that enables you to cut the sound when you strike the pad with your hand.

Customized Assignment and Trigger Function

You can assign each pad up to four different voices. You can use the trigger function to stimulate your creativity by using the Stack mode, which allows you to trigger all the notes assigned to a pad simultaneously with a single tap.

Music Production

The electronic percussion pad is equipped with Steinberg's Cubase AI 5 software that helps record, edit, and produce customized audio. The software combines well with the MIDI feature to create high-resolution sound effects and rhythm, dramatically improving your music composition right from the comfort of your home.

Becoming a perfect percussionist is possible with Yamaha's digital percussion kit. You can play and experiment with the electronic pads to compose your unique musical piece and take your sound and voice ability to another level. In India, Yamaha sells original musical instruments and accessories via its online music store. You can find the Yamaha digital percussion range on our official website. Visit our online store today to get your hands on this piece of beauty at an affordable range.

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