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  1. Yamaha YHT-1840 Home Theatre System With Dolby and DTS
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As sound professionals, Yamaha has continuously innovated sound and musical instruments by acquiring extensive sonic knowledge from our experts worldwide to satisfy sound requirements for every environment. Yamaha is dedicated to meet the sonic needs of every household, commercial and public space consumer. One can genuinely experience state-of-the-art quality sound and music at home by investing in Yamaha's Home Theatre speaker system.

Yamaha Home Theatre (HTIB) speaker system is a home theatre in a box. It is designed to immerse you in rich and lifelike sonic performance in any room of your home. The speakers produce powerful and dynamic sound giving you a seamless surround sound experience. The subwoofers deliver crisp and in-depth bass sound, ensuring you enjoy the action-packed, adventurous sound without any compromise.

Enjoy 4K Ultra HD videos with Yamaha Home Theatre HTIB speaker system. The AV receiver reproduces 4K video at sixty frames per second, giving you an incredible mix of contrast and rich colours, thereby enhancing the quality of the image you view.

Yamaha HTIB speakers let you enjoy music from any corner of your room via the wireless Bluetooth connection. The speakers are enabled with Yamaha's Music Enhancer that optimizes the highs and lows of compressed MP3 files and delivers them in their original sound format with no loss in quality.

Here are some more features that you can enjoy in Yamaha's Home Theatre HTIB speaker system from the comfort of your home.

Incredible Audio Performance

Yamaha takes pride in delivering exceptional quality sound via all its sound and musical equipment. The HTIB speakers employ a discrete amp configuration that supports producing clear and high-fidelity audio by cutting unnecessary noise.

Theatre Experience at Home

Yamaha HTIB Audio Visual speakers are equipped with Yamaha's CINEMA DSP technology supporting playback of audios in High Definition format. The CINEMA DSP technology envelops you in an unparalleled surround experience by creating rich independent sound fields. From dialogue to background music, each element of your video content is played via separate fields enabling you to enjoy the sound with extraordinary clarity and richness. It transforms your home environment into a live theatre by reproducing the proper acoustics experienced in a theatre ambience.

Small Speakers Bigger Bass

The small but powerful speakers can reproduce rich bass effects with the help of Yamaha's low-frequency enhancement technology. The compact speakers produce a localized and balanced sound effect. When connected with the subwoofer, it helps in improving the overall volume of the low-range system. Enjoy your favourite loud or adventurous content with these small speakers that give you an exceptional surround sound experience.

Enhance Sound with Subwoofer

Often you may have come across situations where all the sound you hear while enjoying any movie seems to be coming from one section of your speaker. Yamaha has taken care of this situation by enabling Subwoofer Trim control that enhances the low frequencies by avoiding overlapping sound from the front speakers. The Subwoofer Trim feature takes care of cleanly separating the frequencies from the speakers and subwoofer. This feature stabilizes the front sound by enhancing the overall bass experience.

Acoustic Optimizer

The HTIB AV speakers are a power-packed home theatre box. Enabled with Yamaha's Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO), the device automatically detects and adjusts the system's acoustics and your room, thereby surrounding you with the best-suited sound for your space. Place the microphone provided with the home theatre box towards your listening position and switch on the YPAO. The system automatically analyses the best acoustics and optimizes the sound performance that suits best for your room.

True to Life 4K Experience

Apart from amplifying the sound experience Yamaha HTiB audiovisual home theatre box is compatible with the latest HDMI standards to deliver top-class 4K video at 60 frames/second. The AV receiver also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), Dolby Vision, and Hybrid Log-Gamma that lets you enjoy Live TV. Yamaha HTiB enhances the image quality to the tiniest details giving you an entire high-definition experience at home.

Lower Energy Consumption

Yamaha has designed its HTIB speaker system to consume low energy when you activate the ECO mode. It claims to reduce power consumption by about 20%. You can set the ECO mode from the top of your GUI menu controller.

You can also set the home theatre system to Auto Power Standby mode when the device is not in use, automatically turning the power off after 20 minutes, 2, 4, 8, or even 12 hours.

Yamaha Audio Visual HTiB Speaker system is available in India at a cost-effective price range. Visit our official website today and get your hands on this powerful sound system to immerse yourself in a larger than life theatre experience right at your home.

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