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  1. Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar
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Yamaha Audio Visual

Audio visual products are necessary if you want to have an immersive music experience. The home theatre experience is something that no music enthusiast should miss out on. Audio visual products make music more engaging, interesting, and fun.

Yamaha is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of a full line of musical instruments and a leading producer of audio visual products. Yamaha audio visual products are designed to enhance your music experience by providing great sound quality and an immersive experience. Yamaha has a great range of audio visual products that will bring you closer to the artists. From Headphones, and AV receivers to Home Theatre Systems, and HiFi components, Yamaha has got you covered.

Quality and Design

Yamaha is known for the great quality of its products. The material, finish, and craftsmanship is excellent and consistent due to Yamaha’s expertise of over 100 years. All Yamaha products go through stringing quality tests to ensure durability and reliability. Yamaha uses top-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology. Designed and assembled to cater to the needs of all types of consumers, Yamaha audio visual products are a must-have for anyone who wants to experience music like never before. The minimalist design gives Yamaha audio visual products a fresh and sophisticated look. Yamaha products promise quality, authenticity, and workability.

Product Range

Yamaha has an astonishing range of audio visual products that are equipped with great user-friendly features. Yamaha Music India lists and sells the following audio visual products:

  • Sound Bar: Yamaha’s range of soundbars adds a wow factor to audio. Yamaha audio visual wireless soundbar portfolio comprises Wi-Fi Bluetooth speakers combined with the latest technology, amazing features, and, of course, Yamaha’s expertise and excellence. Yamaha audio visual bars make watching television an immersive experience. Yamaha follows an immersive audio design philosophy for its soundbars. The high-definition 3D audio capabilities make Yamaha soundbars popular amongst music lovers. Yamaha soundbars are equipped with great features like Alexa integration. DTS Virtua; X, Intellibeam technology, Speaker Assortment, Digital Sound Projector, Latest HDMI audio, and CEC capabilities, etc.
  • HtiB: Yamaha Home Theatre speaker system is basically a home theatre in a box. It is designed to transform your room into a real live theatre. Yamaha’s technology and superior performance make Yamaha home theatre a full entertainment package that will level up your home parties, celebrations, etc. The CINEMA DSP technology encloses you in an ultimate surround experience by creating rich independent sound fields. From dialogue to background music, each element of the video content is played via separate fields, allowing you to enjoy the sound with unparalleled clarity and richness. Yamaha home theatre system converts your home environment into a live theatre by reproducing the proper theatre ambiance. Yamaha Home Theatre speaker system comes with great features like Acoustic Optimizer, Virtual Cinema Front, Extra Bass, Dialogue Level Adjustment, Compressed Music Enhancer, etc
  • HiFi Speakers: Yamaha HiFi speakers utilize Yamaha’s architectural acoustics expertise and its accrued technology base to revolutionize sound. They are designed to deliver pure sound and enhance your home theatre sonic experience. Yamaha HiFi speakers use the waveguide horn mechanism to reduce the reflected sound and increase the proportion of sound waves. Yamaha floor-standing HiFi speakers are available in  NS-777NS-555, and NS-F71variants in India. They are equipped with Yamaha's latest Twisted Flare Port technology. It eliminates all the unnecessary air turbulence noise, giving you a tight, realistic, and clear low-frequency sound. Yamaha HiFi speaks have great features like High Power Amplifier Module, DSP functions, Advanced FIR-X Tuning, etc.
  • AV Receivers: Yamaha AV receivers redefine the home theatre experience and take it to a whole new level. With 4K and 8K HDMI, they bring life into everything. Yamaha receivers come with Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization and Virtual Cinema DSP integration to enhance your overall experience by immersing you in a surround sound experience. Yamaha AC Receivers are dream come true for people who are into gaming. They elevate the gaming experience with lag-free viewing and interactivity using dedicated gaming technologies like ALLM, VRR, and QMS. Yamaha AV receivers come with other interesting features like Voice Control, YPAO sound optimization, MusicCast Surround, etc.
  • Headphone: Yamaha has a great range of stylish yet ergonomic headphones that will change the way your experience sound. They are designed to be your go-to headphones and provide a cinema-like sound that will immerse you in the action. Yamaha headphones optimize the sound in real-time and adapt to your environment. They provide advanced active noise cancellation so that you never get disturbed while listening to your favorite music. They come with some really good features like 3D Sound Field, Listening Optimizer, Simple Controls, Ambient Sound, etc. You can find different types of headphones at Yamaha store: Over-ear, On-ear and Neckband.

Visit Yamaha Music India online store and explore the exciting Audio Visual range.

Yamaha Audio Visual-price list

Yamaha Audio Visual Price
1 YAMAHA TW-E3B True Wireless Earphones Pink  ₹  8490
2 YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Advance Noise-Cancelling Earphones Black  ₹  23600
3 YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Advance Noise-Cancelling Earphones White  ₹  23600
4 YAMAHA EP-E50A Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Noise-Cancelling Earphones Black  ₹  12400
5 YAMAHA EP-E50A Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Noise-Cancelling Earphones White  ₹  12400
6 YAMAHA EP-E30A Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Black  ₹  4890
7 YAMAHA EP-E30A Bluetooth Neckband Earphones White  ₹  4890
8 YAMAHA TW-E3B True Wireless Earphones Black  ₹  8490
9 YAMAHA TW-E3B True Wireless Earphones Blue (Limited Edition)  ₹  8490
10 YAMAHA TW-E3B True Wireless Earphones Purple (Limited Edition)  ₹  8490
11 YAMAHA YH-E500A Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones Black  ₹  14800
12 TW-E7B True Wireless ANC Bluetooth Earbuds (Black)  ₹  24200
13 TW-E7B True Wireless ANC Bluetooth Earbuds (White)  ₹  24200
14 Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds (Black)  ₹  15700
15 Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds (Blue)  ₹  15700
16 Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds (Green)  ₹  15700
17 Yamaha TW-E5B Black True wireless earbuds  ₹  14200
18 Yamaha TW-E5B Blue True wireless earbuds  ₹  14200
19 Yamaha RX-A8A Audio Visual Receivers  ₹  389490
20 YAMAHA YH-E700A Advance Noise-Cancelling Headphones White  ₹  29900
21 YAMAHA YH-E700A Advance Noise-Cancelling Headphones Black  ₹  29900
22 Yamaha YH-L700A Advance Noise-Cancelling Headphones with 3D Sound Black  ₹  43300
23 Yamaha SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built in Subwoofer  ₹  20490
24 Yamaha SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar With Built-in Subwoofer  ₹  20490
25 Yamaha HTR-3072 Audio Visual Receivers  ₹  47990
26 Yamaha RX-V6A Audio Visual Receivers  ₹  87490
27 Yamaha RX-V4A Audio Visual Receivers  ₹  66490
28 Yamaha YAS-209 Sound Bar With Subwoofer  ₹  39990
29 Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar  ₹  25490
30 Yamaha YHT-1840 Home Theatre System With Dolby and DTS  ₹  46990
31 Yamaha NS-SW300 Subwoofer  ₹  40490
32 Yamaha NS-SW200 Subwoofer  ₹  31490
33 Yamaha NS-777 HiFi Speakers (Sold In Pair)  ₹  42490
34 Yamaha NS-C444 HiFi Speakers  ₹  18990
35 Yamaha NS-555 HiFi Speakers (Sold In Pair)  ₹  33990
36 Yamaha NS-F71 HiFi Speakers  ₹  32490
37 Yamaha NS-P350 HiFi Speakers  ₹  33990
38 Yamaha NS-333 HiFi Speakers (Sold In Pair)  ₹  12990