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Confused about choosing the right guitar to begin your journey as a guitarist? Well, it is quite natural to be overwhelmed with the thought of choosing the right guitar during your initial days of learning to play the guitar. No matter what your friends and family suggest, choosing the right guitar during the early days depends upon the style of music you prefer, the strings that suit your fingers, budget, etc.

At Yamaha we understand the challenge one might face while choosing the right start level guitar and therefore, we design our guitars that suit every kind of music enthusiast. From amateurs to experts we ensure that the initial connection you have with your guitar is unique and makes you fall in love with it forever.

Since 1966 we have been making guitars and we have kept ourselves pushing forward to build guitars that can meet the sonic as well as aesthetic requirements of all users. Yamaha’s start level guitars are crafted with years of experience and rigorous testing to ensure your first experience of playing a Yamaha guitar remains memorable.

The design of Yamaha beginner level guitars is simple and easy to handle. Moreover, Yamaha start level guitars are lightweight and extremely portable, making it easy to carry with you wherever you plan to learn playing your guitar. From acoustic to electric bass guitars, Yamaha entry level guitars are sturdy and give you flexible control as well as intense harmonic depth that is matchless with meticulous tones.

Yamaha start level guitars in India are available at an extremely cost-effective range making it easy for every amateur guitarist to make their dream come true of learning to play the guitar. Or even take it a notch higher and become a professional. So, if you are planning to purchase a beginner level guitar then Yamaha has got you covered. Check these Yamaha entry level guitars that you can choose from and make your way into the world of guitarists.

Key Features

Yamaha Start Level Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Start Level Nylon Guitar

Yamaha Start Level Electric Bass Guitar


Available in small, couch friendly, and even stage friendly designs


A wide variety that is bound to meet every need of a beginner



Strong and wide neck with 3-ply Nato wood lamination that resists unwanted warping


Precision in striking the strings due to easier spacing between the strings


The inbuilt thin bridge helps in vibration transfer and improves the overall resonance.


Lightweight & easy to handle

Robust maple/mahogany wood body


Resistant to accidental dents


3D design body balances the weight and tone




Undergoes vibration treatment that helps in eliminating the 'break-in' dilemma.


The guitars sound as pleasing as older guitars right out of the box



Nylon strings are softer on the finger


Pluck the strings easily with fingers without a pick


Less worry about calluses on fingers



Inbuilt performance equaliser circuit that can easily help the guitarist to switch between Slap, Pick, Flat, Finger, and Solo styles


Active/Passive circuit design gives expressive control over pickup & tones



Strictly tested Sprucewood body & Rosewood fretboard gives high durability and stability

The Spruce or Cedar top material fulfils the sonic and aesthetic requirements and provides excellent touch response to users

Premium quality five-piece lamination of maple/mahogany wood gives exceptional stability to the body


Exclusively made to suit our Indian guitar enthusiasts. Begins in the range of INR 6K

Exclusively made to suit our Indian guitar enthusiasts. Begins in the range of INR 25K

Exclusively made to suit our Indian guitar enthusiasts. Begins in the range of INR 30K


Yamaha F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F280 Tobacco Brown Sunburst

F310 Natural

Yamaha CG142S Classical & Nylon Guitar

Yamaha CG182S Classical & Nylon Guitar


Yamaha TRBX304 Black Electric Guitar

Yamaha TRBX305 Mist Green Electric Guitar



Natural, Tobacco Brown, Black

Natural, Tan Brown

Black, Red, Mist Green, Translucent Brown

Yamaha has designed their start level guitar range to suit every new and old guitar enthusiast and therefore, in India, you will find it at a very cost-effective range. Yamaha start level guitars in India are available on our official online store. Visit our online official store to find a wide variety of start level guitars by Yamaha that can drive you to embark on the journey of learning to play the guitar from the first look and feel itself.

Yamaha Start Level Guitar-price list

Yamaha Start Level Guitar Price
1 Yamaha FS80C Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India  ₹  8490
2 Yamaha F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar Made in India  ₹  7990
3 Yamaha FS80C Black Acoustic Guitar  ₹  8490
4 Yamaha F280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  7990
5 Yamaha F310 Natural Acoustic Guitar  ₹  10490
6 Yamaha F310 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Acoustic Guitar  ₹  10490
7 Yamaha FSX80C Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12990
8 Yamaha FSX80C Black Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  12990
9 Yamaha FX280 TBS (Brown Sunburst) Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  11990
10 Yamaha FX280 Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar  ₹  11990
11 Yamaha F310P Acoustic Guitar (Includes Gigbag, Strap, Pitch Pipe, Strings, Picks, String Winder and Capo)  ₹  16990