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  1. Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface
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  2. Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface
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  3. Steinberg UR22C R Pack Audio Interface
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  4. Steinberg UR44C Audio Interface
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Yamaha Sound Card

A sound card is an expansion card that translates digital signals to analog ones and vice-versa. It produces input and output audio signals on a computer that can be heard on headphones or speakers. A good quality sound card is necessary for good audio quality. Yamaha sound cards for recording are used worldwide for their outstanding sound, stability, versatility, and rugged reliability.

With multiple high-quality inputs/outputs and some really great features, Yamaha sound cards are best for your recording studio. They deliver natural, musical sound with extraordinary flexibility. Yamaha has a great range of audio recording interface cards which support a wide range of broadcast and live sound applications. They make recording and streaming content easy and fun. With Yamaha sound cards for recording, you can elevate your content to professional quality.

Design and Quality

Yamaha is known for its brilliant quality and performance. Yamaha sound cards are designed using high-quality material. They are passed through stringent tests to ensure quality, durability, and reliability. Yamaha sound cards are designed to take audio recording to the next level. Yamaha’s expertise brings you professional-quality sound. Using Yamaha’s power-packed audio interface, you can easily convert any space into a portable studio.  The ergonomic design and portability allow an easy user experience.


Detailed sound capture: Yamaha sound cards are equipped with sound components that deliver rich and high-quality audio. The converters deliver extraordinary analog to digital conversion. They capture every nuance of recorded signals. Engineered with great research, Yamaha sound cards are perfect for gaming, listening, live streaming, etc. purposes.

Latency Free Monitoring: Yamaha sound cards provide zero-latency while monitoring the audio from any device which helps you enjoy the benefits of DSP powered with FX technology. It provides flexibility to control all the monitoring capabilities. It can also be integrated with any audio software which makes it even more interesting.

Loopback Function: This function is best for those who love to live stream and want to make their experience even better. Using this function, the incoming audio signals from various sources like microphones, guitars, etc can be merged easily with the signal from audio playback software inside your computer. The inbuilt effects in the card make the content more dynamic. The included condenser microphone provides a great quality output, catering to all your live streaming requirements. 

Great Recording Quality: Yamaha sound cards are equipped with top-class preamps which allow immaculate, dynamic, and detailed sound capture even at low frequency. They are trusted by professionals for their supreme quality sonic delivery. They can cover a great range of frequencies without over-amplification of any signal or component. They are tailored to capture every subtle audio, enhancing your performance. 

Preloaded Effects: Yamaha audio recording interfaces come loaded with various effects to elevate your content to studio level. Features like REV-X reverb, Guitar Amp Classics, Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip. etc. make mixing and editing really easy. Yamaha’s advanced technology makes broadcasting and podcasting fun. Yamaha studio sound card is a must-have for your recording studio.

Portability: The sleek, versatile and portable design of Yamaha audio interface units allow you to carry your recording studio whenever and wherever you want. You can easily connect it to your iOS and Pc and give a professional touch to all your recordings. Yamaha sound cards allow you to record on the move. They can meet all your recording requirements without any additional hassle.

Superspeed connectivity: Yamaha sound cards feature connectivity that doesn’t just ensure great speed but also seamless connection with all various devices. Even with machines that support USB 2.0 standard connection, you can easily enjoy the benefits of low latency with Yamaha studio sound cards. 

Visit Yamaha Music store today to explore more interesting features.

Yamaha Sound card for studio recording -price list

Yamaha Sound card for studio recording Price
1 Steinberg UR22C R Pack Audio Interface  ₹  33500
2 Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface  ₹  16000
3 Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface  ₹  13000
4 Steinberg UR44C Audio Interface  ₹  36400