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  1. Yamaha YHT-1840 Home Theatre System With Dolby and DTS
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Are you looking for a complete home theatre experience in a box? Then, Yamaha Home Theatre System is all you want. With Yamaha Home Theatre, you can enjoy the entire package of wireless, seamless, powerful, and dynamic surround sound experience at home. Convert your home into a live theatre hall with Yamaha's high-definition digital home entertainment system.

Yamaha Home Theatre system is built to add thrill to your regular movie screening at home and thereby transform it into a real cinema experience at your home. The entire home theatre package consists of AV Receivers, Front, Justify, Surround Speakers, and Subwoofers encompassing your room with true to life and directional sound that directly reaches your ears.

Yamaha has focused not only on the technology but also the overall aesthetics of its home theatre system. As a result, the traditional design of the home theatre system can easily blend and match the interiors of any room. In addition, the surround and justify speakers mimic the classic look of Yamaha speakers and resonate with the sonic quality as well and can be conveniently placed in any location.

Entertainment has become an integral part of our lives. From generation Z to today's millennial generation, the evolving needs of every user has been kept in mind while innovating and designing Yamaha home theatre systems. It is an entire entertainment package that is sure to appeal to the audience of every genre.

If you plan to upgrade your home entertainment system, Yamaha's home theatre system is all you need to bring a virtual cinema experience right into your room. Let us look at some of the exclusive features that make the Yamaha home theatre 5.1 system meet all your entertainment needs.

Virtual Cinema Experience

Yamaha home theatre systems are equipped with Yamaha's proprietary Cinema DSP technology that supports HD audio playback and transforms your room's acoustics into a live theatre or a concert hall experience. With years of sound field data collected from world-famous theatres, concert halls, cathedrals, and various other places, Yamaha Cinema DSP technology can reproduce them all and calibrating them to suit the acoustics of the system and your room.

High-Quality Surround Sound Experience

Yamaha's Virtual Cinema DSP technology is capable of producing virtual five-channel realistic surround sound in your room with the help of only two front speakers. Moreover, with the Virtual Cinema Front feature, you can indulge in virtual five-channel surround sound of higher resolution by installing all the speakers in the front. You can conveniently arrange the speakers inside your room and immerse yourself in high fidelity surround sound experience.

Enjoy Videos in 4K Ultra HD

The AV receivers of the home theatre system provide complete support to the latest HDMI standards. With the 4K video being processed at 60 frames per second, you can enjoy the scenic images in full high definition without any quality degradation. Moreover, the AV receivers also support High Dynamic Range (HDR), Dolby Vision, and Hybrid Log-Gamma content that enhances the picture quality and adds detail to even darker parts of an image.


Automatic Acoustic Adjustment

To meet the acoustic requirement of every room, Yamaha home theatres come equipped with a microphone that has an inbuilt Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO). With the help of YPAO, it analyzes the acoustics of your room and the system. Once you switch on the microphone, the system automatically alters various audio parameters to deliver optimum sound that matches the acoustics of your room.

Excellent Audio Performance

Yamaha prioritizes delivering exceptional quality sound from every piece of equipment that they manufacture. For example, in their home theatre system, the AV receiver is inbuilt with a discrete amp configuration and a low jitter PLL circuit that ensures the final audio output is of premium quality without distortion.

Authentic Music Delivery

The Yamaha home theatre system speakers have inbuilt Music Enhancer proprietary of Yamaha that uses complex algorithms to restore all the over-compressed high and lows in any MP3 file. So, from listening to pop music to swaying to the rhythm of jazz music, you can enjoy listening to each genre of music as it is without losing its sonic integrity.

Rich Bass Reproduction

Although the front speakers of the home theatre system may seem compact and petite, it has the power to reproduce rich bass with the help of Yamaha's unique low-range enhancement technology. As a result, you can expect good localization and sound balance from these powerful front speakers. In addition, when connected to the subwoofers, the volume of the entire low-range speaker system is enhanced to produce an exceptional and powerful bass presence in your room.

Saves Energy

Yamaha plays its part in lowering energy consumption by introducing ECO mode in their home theatre system. With the help of this power-saving feature, you can save energy consumption up to 20%.

The Auto Power Standby mode lets you select and save energy by automatically turning the system off when not in use after 20 minutes, 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours.

Yamaha digital 5.1 home theatre system is an all in one entertainment package that enhances the audio and visual experience for every user at home. Yamaha Home Theatre systems are available in India at an affordable range and are sure to elevate your virtual cinema and entertainment experience at home like never before.

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