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  1. Yamaha DGX-670 Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor)
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  2. Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano With 88 Keys
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  3. Yamaha P-121B Digital Piano With 73 Keys
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  4. Yamaha P-125B Digital Piano With 88 Keys
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Yamaha Electronic Keyboard

Music makes everything better. Trust Yamaha Music to make this experience even more magical. For over a century, Yamaha musical instruments have been revolutionizing music with their extraordinary quality and performance. Yamaha is popular throughout the world for its great sound, playability, and functionality. Yamaha’s prolific keyboards are designed to reflect the essence of Indian music. The superb level of quality control makes it one of the best brands for electric keyboards, especially designed for players of Indian music. From the authenticity of sound to auto accompaniment, there is a lot that you can do with Yamaha electronic keyboards. Yamaha is the best choice for both performers and learners.

Design and Quality

Yamaha is synonymous with music. It is trusted by expert musicians all over the world. Yamaha electronic keyboards are renowned for the phenomenal quality of sound. The keyboards are portable, tailored to meet the needs of amateurs as well professionals. They are exclusively designed to suit the Indian music genre. Designed and assembled using supreme quality material, Yamaha electronic keyboards go through rigorous quality testing. They are durable and reliable and are designed to meet the expectations of music lovers of all levels.


Yamaha pianos are cost-effective. Yamaha electronic keyboard prices have been personalized to cater to the demands of Indian customers. Yamaha believes in quality as well affordability and that is why Yamaha electronic pianos are available at an exclusive and economical price range.


Playability: The great range of in-built music features makes Yamaha electronic keyboards a perfect choice for every type of keyboard player. High-class and distinct sound notes will inspire and intensify your music experience each time you hit the keynote. With Yamaha electronic keyboards, you are encouraged to experiment more with music without comprising the quality.

Various Auto Accompaniment Styles: Yamaha electronic keyboards come with an auto-accompaniment function, including various Indian styles, that automatically plays appropriate backing (rhythm + bass + chord accompaniment). You can control it by simply playing root notes or chords. This makes Yamaha electronic keyboards perfect for even beginners.

Lesson Functions: Yamaha electronic keyboards come with Lesson Functions that make learning interesting and fun. The Inbuilt Riyaz function, which includes in-built Indian instruments like Tabla, Mridangam, Tanpura, etc., accelerates the learning process and also encourages you to explore more. By downloading Song Book, you can access many songs and easily learn the rhythm and timing. The recording function allows you to track and evaluate your progress as well as your mistakes.

Arpeggio Feature: Using this function, you can easily playback broken chords automatically by simply playing the right notes on the keyboard. Yamaha electronic keyboards come with a variety of Arpeggio types which automatically create a variety of interesting phrases. This feature is extremely useful and is perfect for both music production and performance.

Touch Sensitive: When it comes to creating music through a keyboard, expression is the key. Yamaha electronic pianos are designed to capture the expression perfectly so that you are able to master your keyboard performance. Yamaha's Touch Response keyboards have been recognized and certified by the reputed Trinity Music College of London.

Portable: One of the best things about Yamaha electronic keyboards is their portability. With Yamaha, you can quite literally go places with your music. So, no matter where you are, you can have your best music companion with you. Yamaha electronic piano keyboard is designed to be the go-to companion of both beginners as well as professional keyboard players.

Great Battery Life: With Yamaha, even the shortage or unavailability of electricity can’t stop you from creating music. Yamaha electronic keyboards come with the ability to operate on an additional battery source. The dual power source – USB power as well as a battery - allows you to carry your Yamaha electronic keyboards on road trips, outdoor activities, jam sessions etc without worrying about the electricity.

Equipped with Voices and Instruments: Many Yamaha electronic pianos are equipped with Instruments and Voices created by Yamaha’s extensive instrument making-expertise. From renowned pianos to synthesizers, you can truly learn a lot with this function. It gives you a great opportunity to experiment, explore and create.

Other Features: Yamaha electronic keyboards have a lot of other interesting features too that will definitely change the way you experience music. The in-built speakers, audio recorder, quick sampling function, various harmony types, melody suppressor, etc are some of the great features that you can find in Yamaha pianos, depending on the price range. These easy-to-use features make Yamaha electronic piano keyboards ideal for all types of keyboard players.

Yamaha Electronic Piano keyboard-price list

Yamaha Electronic Piano keyboard Price
1 Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano With 88 Keys  ₹  41990
2 Yamaha P-121B Digital Piano With 73 Keys  ₹  52990
3 Yamaha P-125B Digital Piano With 88 Keys  ₹  61990
4 Yamaha DGX-670 Digital Piano (Including Power Adaptor)  ₹  97290